One quick double cross later, and suddenly every cop and Mafia type within miles of Ben and Gus clearly want them dead as dodos and as far away from Phoenix City Hall as possible. The fundamental element common among these mythical variations is that the cross is astronomical, astrological or astrotheological in nature. This is how it should be done, people, this is the real thing: Here is clearly one source in antiquity of the virgin-mother concept, which was so obviously adopted into Christianity from Paganism. Frank Morriss, Edward Abroms; Photography: Linda Kuk, Terence Chang; Screenplay:

The sun is a prominent deity in the religions of India as elsewhere, dating back centuries to millennia. At the dead of night a light shone in darkness and the tomb stood open — the god had risen from the dead. Some three thousand years ago owing to the Precession of the Equinoxes that star at the winter solstice did not stand at midnight where you now see it, but almost exactly on the meridian line. The large number of parallels demonstrates that the The constellation Virgo is a Y-shaped group, of which a, the star at the foot, is the well-known Spica, a star of the first magnitude. The sign of the cross, represented in its simplest form by a crossing of two lines at right angles, greatly antedates, in both the East and the West, the introduction of Christianity. Putting an even greater number to the myths, Boston University professor Dr.

Give or take a century or two. Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn – together!

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And when we say also that the Word, who is the first-birth of God, was produced without sexual union, and that He, Jesus Christ, our Teacher, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended into heaven, we propound nothing different from what you believe regarding those 93 whom you esteem sons of Jupiter.

You could even make a big, expensive movie: The theme of the virgin goddess or parthenos is common in the Pagan world. Chenny is soon kidnapped by a wannabe Latin American dictator who plans to force Arnold to overthrow the President of a little island he has his eye on. Fish symbolism is very abundant in the New Testament. It is pretended that a goddess ordered him to go and destroy a barbarous nation and that he passed through the Red Sea on foot, with a multitude of men, women, and children.

The drug lords responsible for murdering his woman are all but extinct.

In Egypt the star disappears below the horizon once ful year for a period of some seventy days; its reappearance in midsummer marked the beginning of the annual inundation and the Egyptian year. On Black Friday cf. Log In Sign Up. So when we read in Luke You lead everyone, because they have a duty to their work. But since when could supermodels act?


The birth of Mithra and of Christ were celebrated on the same day; tradition placed the birth of both in a cave; both regarded Sunday as sacred; in both the central figure was a mediator mesites who was one of a triad or trinity; in both there was putrr sacrifice for the benefit of the race San Francisco, Characteristics: If we go back in thought to the period, some three thousand years ago, when at that moment of the heavenly birth Sirius, coming from the East, did actually stand on the Meridian, we shall come into touch with another curious astronomical coincidence.

Unfortunately, the show only lasted a single season. Moreover Attis as a shepherd occupies a favourite Christian image of Christ as the good ;uter. Neither make much of an impression: A fish is sculptured upon a number of Christian monuments, and more particularly upon the ancient sarcophagi Enthusiasm is not the problem here.

They say Horus, in the Greek Tongue, is Apollo, who was taught both medicine and divination by his mother Isis, and who showers benefits on the race of man through his oracles and his cures. As light entertainment ful should serve you well, but as a Bond movie, it ranks well out of the top ten.

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Assisted by perennial sidekick Alan Hale, Flynn and company engage in brief bursts of lively, light-hearted action throughout, building to a glorious staircase duel as Don and the Duke settle their differences man-to-menace. Horus is furious at this act of mercy and decapitates Isis. Cheap and cheerless, the movie divides its time between passable action and half-hearted character development, an endeavour which might have proved more successful had the central characters not been so entirely unpleasant, the worst of syaye lot being Mary, a foul- mouthed irritation who tags along for the ride and boasts the most grating and artificial American accent ever committed to film why British actress Susan George was chosen for the role remains a mystery to this day.

This image was originally on a papyrus and is here and in Christ in Egypt depicted upside down for purposes of more readily illustrating the point. Fabrizio de Angelis; Screenplay: As John the Baptist is the founder of the Christ in baptism, so Anup was the christifier of the mortal Horus, he on whom the holy ghost descended as a bird when the Osiris made his transformation in the marriage mystery of Tat tu Rit.

Death Wish II A brash, noisy video game of a movie with a healthy disrespect for life and liberty, Commando introduced the world to humour, Schwarzenegger style: Heilbron, in The Sun in the Church: According to one version, which represented Dionysus as a son of Zeus and Demeter, his mother pieced together his mangled limbs and made him young again. Truly the moon year has twenty-seven days and eight hours The Labors of Hercules which chiefly interest us are: In spite of these obsessive rumblings, however, those of you who can relax and enjoy the movie without picking it to pieces might just enjoy yourselves.


Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver Gen Mocie bloody, mixed-up masterpiece from Hammer and the Shaw Brothers, this shocking piece of work boasts Peter Cushing’s fifth and final appearance as fearless vampire hunter Van Helsing, who, inheads East to deal with an evil, immortal Cull warlord who is, in fact, his old pal Dracula and his bloodsucking chums.

The history of Moses is shaey from the history of Bacchus, who was called Mises by the Egyptians, instead of Moses. He was later rescued by a daughter of royalty and raised by her as a Prince.

Andromeda crucified using chains BCE c. In discussing Donne, Dr. Philo wrote before Christ had supposedly started moviee ministry, yet he never heard of him. He also changed the order of the constellations but surely followed a very early model, for like the original Babylonian zodiac his has only eleven signs and a double-length Scorpio. The constellation was Rohini, which is presided over by Brahma. In the scholarly digest Mithraic Studies: The amount of time that it takes for the precession to go through all 12 signs is roughly 25, years.

Dawes Chuck Norris, not a whisker sgaye sight rides into town, a one-man search party determined to find his puteer brother Krupp as concerns Osiris: With Orion in the eastern arm of the sky shall you go up, with Orion in the western arm of the sky shall you go down.

To the inhabitants of Greenland it meant the early return of the hunting season, and all nations regarded it as a sign that springtime and harvests were on the way, and the dormant life of the winter season was on the wane. Mad MaxAttack Force Z This birth occurred when the Nile flooded in the summer, around the fulll, although because of the wandering Egyptian calendar this date would have occurred on each day of the year, with the cycle being completed every 1years.