It is the story of two brothers Ayaan and Asad who are separated by their families but are united in their hearts. The next morning, Rashid asks Ayaan to explain his anger. Eventually, Zoya follows her instinct, rejects her engagement and escapes from the ceremony. Ahil takes her hand and walks her through the lit path, and takes her near the table. When is this stupid turn going to end! Roma 27th Oct –

I am very very sad becouse of this. An upset Zoya goes to a shrine to collect her thoughts, where Rashid is waiting for Dilshad, who doesn’t arrive. They have a consolatory chat with each other. More Videos of Qubool Hai. I want to cry!! Meanwhile, Asad quarrels with Zoya after his car almost strikes her.

Shireen gets upset when Rashid lies about being at the office. Octobeg to the channel by clicking http: It says the uplosder has not made this video available in your country please help me. He tries to find a way out, but fails and eventually goes to Zoya to ask her to remove the password.

When Rashid sees Zoya crying, he offers her a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

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Haya please tell Faiz that you love Rahat only. Ayaan finds Humeira in a park, but is shocked to see her faint and calls for help.

When is this stupid turn going to end! Asad doesn’t respond positively to Rashid’s concern as he is unhappy with Rashid’s second marriage. Ahil starts hollering for her, and they get scared. Rashid, on the other hand, is ocgober to stay back home as Nikhat’s prospective 22014 and family arrive at the doorstep just as he is about to leave home to visit Asad.

Ayaan and his sisters welcome Imran to their Zingo Oftober Gang. Shireen confronts Rashid about his whereabouts as she reveals that she knows he was lying about being at office.

Ahil takes her hand and walks her through the lit path, and takes her near the table.

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But Dilshad asks Asad to be more tolerant. He leans in closer to her, unable to resist himself, as their past moments flash before her. Anwar, Zoya’s brother-in-law, brings her back home and encourages her to reconcile with his wife Zeenat.


An upset Zoya goes to a shrine to collect her thoughts, where Rashid is waiting for Dilshad, who doesn’t arrive.

Dilshad runs into Rashid at the shrine, to which she has come to pray on their 31st wedding anniversary. Zoya tells Najma qubokl her preferences. The ladies start giggling on seeing a slice of Zoya’s leftover pizza stuck to the back of Asad’s pant.

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eoisode Meanwhile, Razia warns Shireen to not let Imraan’s family know about Rashid’s previous marriage and his kids. At Rashid’s home, Nikhat’s groom’s family gifts clothes and fairness-cream packs. Rehaan wishes Tanveer on diwali that he hoeps all of her ardent wishes come true today.

Ayaan calls Asad to tell him to take action to stop her from learning that Asad had made those purchases. Promise this epi is sooooooo stupid i am afraid that aahil will fall in love with the new sanam plz pl plZ dont do like this.

Then he lights up a flowing sky lanterns, and asks her to let it flow away together with him, carrying away all the memories of the past, while they start afresh from hereon. Seher comes upto her and catches her, while razia is tensed. Like 0 Dislike 0.

Gaffur lectures Rashid to get his affairs sorted octobef, set right Ayaan’s behaviour and get him to work. Seher says that razia cant even take care of anyone,without any intention. Razia excitedly goes to Shireen after seeing Ayaan and Humeira getting along well. All seem happy until Imraan’s mother opens a box of presents.

He is counselled by Razia and Shireen to control his anger. Zoya stamps Asad’s feet to stop him from knowing the truth.


A password will be e-mailed to you. Seher is tensed and hesitant and eyes it awkwardly.

Two half-brothers, Ayaan and Asad, are mesmerised on seeing Zoya praying opposite them in a shrine. Dilshad reminisces about her old days with Rashid when a watch, promised as a gift for their anniversary years ago, is couriered to her.

By Rimjhim Last updated Oct 27, Dilshad asks her about the bruise on her arms. The next morning, Rashid asks Ayaan to explain his anger. On the same day, Rashid’s daughter Nikhat is nervous, but very much looking forward to meet her potential husband. Nuzzhat and Nikhat are rescued by Asad in a mall after some boys tease them. When Imraan’s family arrives, the gifts are presented to the whole family. Razia sows doubts in her daughter Shireen’s mind that Rashid is trying to see his first wife Dilshad under the pretext of meeting Asad.

Ayaan is happy to hear this and offers to help. The movie is bad with out you. Asad offers Zoya help for her travelling arrangements, but Zoya refuses. It is the story of two families related by blood and yet distanced by circumstances. Meanwhile, Zeenat persuades Zoya to return to New York with her.

No Aahil dont do that tanveer is driving u away from sanam but at least within a month tanveer will be punished so for that sanam has to stay in the house. Asad is annoyed to say the voice password set by Zoya every time to receive a call.

Zoya tries to make peace with Allah, promising that whatever be her fate, she will accept it.