Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Glamarous has her own design company. Posted On 08 Nov Respond yes in comments and message me!! It’s going to be a cold Winter. Posted On 04 Jan Stay tuned for the upcoming date. A funfilled day with a meaningful purpose.

By Ray Daudani July 30, at 5: Overall, Pumpkin kudos to you for stepping out and making a thought a reality-be proud of yourself and others that are assisting you. She says the show isn’t meant to encourage single-parenting, but wants to let people know that children can be raised without a father. Sparkle Movie Giveaway Comments. First, if you want to blow the show up nationally-use a focus group to get their opinion. This is going to be a wonderful event this Sunday October 12 at Teresa Giudice, 46, Cheating? I agree with Shawn!

Overall, Pumpkin kudos to you for stepping out and making a thought a reality-be proud of yourself and others that are assisting you. Let this sister get her chance to shine, she is not on the Bravo network. The first episode saw nearly 40, views, though later episodes weren’t watched nearly as much.

Motivating unique individuals to love their flaws and still rock an awesome life. This was all I heard last night. Kudos to the author. Assata Camara Adrian Brooks. Your purpose is to be the best person you can be and do what makes you happy.

There are many aspects of all cultures and peoples throughout the world that are commonplace, but act as a negative influence on society.

Wait, You got bored!?! I was concerned because of this. Since editing, the Producer left a comment here I really wanted great things to happen with this project, and I hoped that they would have proved most people wrong… However, what is not meant for us, is not meant for us.


They could have really erased some local stereotypes about black women, and due to poor execution failed. Diweddarodd Babbymamas Real Babymamas of Richmond ei llun clawr. I will not give a pass to a certain project because there are other shows that exist. Aside from the footage and the first premiere of the show, realize that these women have to start richond.

After this program, it was clear that we should be more ambitious than ever to change whatever richmind current circumstances are in a hood near you. Thanks to all supporting!!! Posted On 07 Nov Is this for real? I am the Baddest Creative Motivation! Suggest ways to improve the show and stop bashing or hating on it.

Avatars by Sterling Adventures. They got us good. We have a lot of great episodes put together for our viewers. Mother of two awesome superheroes, wife to Mr.

Trying to criticize others, and you do that shit yourselves. Check out the episodes below. This is what we as single parents have to challenge alone.

Are You Ready For The Real Baby Mamas Of Richmond? (Video) – Baller Alert

Stay tuned for the upcoming date. Well just when you thought T. A funfilled day with a meaningful purpose. Interesting, I enjoyed it! Oh dear god I thought they were going to slow down on new reality shows….

Reality show, “The Real Babymamas of Richmond” premieres Monday night

Stay tuned for updates and our Trailer!!! Thanks for your continued support!!! They have no doubt followed that template with this show and succeeded in that aspect so own it! If you are a Breast Cancer Survivor or has list someone to Cancer, please come out episoe support this great event. Season 1, started off rough but guess what??


Waiting patiently for some reaction from the cast and crew… there was dead air. Too Much Patience for Black Women. Teresa Giudice, 46, Cheating? The baby,amas show l aunched last monthwith some controversy.

I’m impressed for the most part. Respond yes in comments and message me!! We discussed black women images on television. Bill it as what it is riichmond keep it moving. Up and been to all my kids school for parent teacher conference. It also is available on the show’s YouTube channel.

The show airs locally in Richmond and on Youtube. If you are interested in auditioning for your Spot on the Show then here’s your opportunity!! You don’t ricnmond to miss this. This show has nothing to do with uplifting single mothers because if anything, it shows the world why the men who nutted up in episore women didnt bother sticking around after they got pregnant.

Without trepidations, I say they dropped the ball. Any frustration with this show should not be directed toward the cast or crew, but rather the decision makers producing it or allowing it to air. If you are a survivor or have list someone to cancer then this will be a great event to support.