Android iOS Win Amazon. Sometimes a promo code is provided for a game, but it does not affect the review in any way. Was just wondering why my episode 2 room 1 differs from your walk through. The game allows you to be the…. Match all three gears so they fit together and the door will open. It will surely challenge…. Win One PS4 Amazon.

Do I have to pay for the episode? Doors and Rooms is a great 3D Puzzle game with room escaping aesthetics. Games Like Starship Titanic. Games Like The Last Express. Games Like The Heist. The game serves as the third title in the series of The Room and takes place in the 3D environment and offers multiple stages. With every episode having a totally different puzzle gaming experience, setting etc. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Please help me on thisss. You must traverse a mysterious world from the first-person perspective to find the bacon. Games Like The Last Express. With a bit creepy abandoned hospital setting, the game allows you to be the player disappearancf who wakes…. Lume is a roombeak engaging and quite addictive 3D Adventure and Puzzle video game that offers Action aesthetics as well. It will challenge the puzzle solving…. The game centers on a remote Island filled with ancient castles, the heroic legends, and strange monsters.

See this page for promo codes I have available! Use the water filled pot on the fire to put it out. Games Like SCS deorbit. Episode 2 room 1 the golden key at the risappearance use hammer to break. Room Break Episode 2 Room 5 text walkthrough below video. You can read more about it here. This super cool video game allows you to be anyone of the six beautiful characters of the game and follow the character specific game episode to engage yourself into a series of amazingly challenging puzzles of episove time.

Use all three saw toothed wheels on the gear by the door on the right side of the screen. Games Like The Room.


35 Games Like Roombreak: Escape Now

Each row must add up to The aim is to test your reflexes and co-ord. I think they rearranged the chapters sometime after I had finished my walkthrough maybe for the Android version?

Use the screwdriver on the metal panel on the left and take the golden key.

Each triangular piece of the circle should add up to This comment form is under antispam protection. The game is actually a series of hard and challenging puzzles set in different game episodes. I startout in a box then go into what may be a garage. Use the box cutter on the covered painting on the wall to the right.

The game offers amazingly difficult and extremely challenging puzzles and allows you to enjoy an amazing gaming experience.

Has anyone got the hammer to work in tutorial??? Take the fire extinguisher.

Use the magnifying glass on the fireplace and see the ladder is broken. Trackbacks … [Trackback] […] Read More: The Dawning of Darkness. Open the drawer under the computer and take the power cable out of the drawer. Escape Now offers 16 different episodes, huge amount of challenging puzzles to solve, amazing mix-up of inventory-based and hidden object puzzles, different difficulty levels, great visuals and a fantastic game-play to enjoy. The game puts the player to the strange place where tactile exploration meets the captivating story and the challenging puzzles.

This wonderful Puzzle Adventure video game will once again take you to an abandoned mansion, lock you up good and will let you escape by solving the challenging puzzles. In the game, the player is capable of creating his own achievements and….

Take the batteries out of the cabinet. Count how many of rpisode star there are. The game serves as the third title in the series of The Room and takes place in the 3D environment and offers multiple stages. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings.


Disapeparance game kicks off with you standing on your front porch when a drone smashes into the wall….

Room Break Walkthrough & Cheats – RoomBreak: Escape Now!!

A Puzzle in Disguise. With a series of Room Escaping puzzles, Hidden Object finding games and 20 levels of pure awesomeness, Mystery of Time and Space lets you enjoy a totally unique and immersive gaming experience.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Stanton is mysteriously thrust into the dark world of the roombraek.

35 Games Like Roombreak: Escape Now – Games Like

Im using ipod It puts the player in the role of the protagonist, who finds himself in the semi-destroyed…. Games Like Ether One. Games Like The 11th Hour. Games Like Legend of the Skyfish. Links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to AppUnwrapper with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

The game puts the player in charge of the protagonist, who is an American with a task to join the Orient Express, days before the start of WWI.

That episode was added much later, after the other 5 were already out for a long time on iOS. It takes place in the late 20s, where an old but…. Games Like The Heist. Use the key to open the cabinet on the left side of the screen.