Audible Download Audio Books. Well really just sharing it. But I would say it depended on the shoot day. Are there plans for a second season? What do you think about this unique idea of combining fan interaction with film making, and then allowing fans to purchase and construct their own 3D printed flying replicas of DR1? Yeah it depends on how this goes. Everything about Rotor DR1, in fact, is unique.

Was this review helpful to you? Check out some photos of the 3D printed version of RotorDR1 below. Just really oddball stuff that is amazingly beautiful. I brought in a friend of mine to produce. For one man, named Chad Kapper, and his production company, StoneKap Productions , this is exactly the mindset that he wanted to feed off of in their recent web series, Rotor DR1. How did you engage the community in this movie making process?

We went way over budget. The files will be offered as STL format,” Chris tells us. StoneKap rotog just be onto something special, with their methodology of creating a show driven not only by fan support but fan interaction as well.

What was it like to make a movie when one of the actors was a drone? There were a lot of discussions and talks and recommendations that we incorporated, like underground drone racing. They looked like a war bird or commercial aircraft or an R. Getting back to Rotor DR1, are there plans to produce a model for sale? But the plot itself is fascinating already. It sounds like the rrotor of the latest blockbuster coming out of some Hollywood studio, but it is in fact the plot of a new web series called Rotor DR1 that is revolutionary in several ways.


It took a lot of adjustment and we even shot additional scenes.

Lot of people ask me that very specific question. Were you surprised by these numbers?

You know there is one thing. That show is kind of like Myth Busters but for radio control flight. Watch Now With Prime Video. We just tweaked it. Full Cast and Crew.

How large is the flight test community? And two, was really on the budget because I knew it would be a low budget film. I thought since I was so passionate about this, that the whole Flite Test community would be.

So around maybethey became more stable and there was a lot of different models coming out and it was very interesting to me. Retrieved October 20, When was the film released? How did the process work? But I would say it depended on the shoot day.

We made sure we at least read everything.

A Boy & His Drone – The Making of Rotor DR1: Chad Kapper, Director & Producer – Drone Radio Show

So yeah it was definitely a process in creating DR1, was probably a scary process because you just want to get it right.

Science fiction television series are all the hit nowadays, with shows like The Walking Dead becoming world-wide phenomena. And YouTube allowed for that format. Tyler Clark our cinematographer did an amazing job shooting it.


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It did make for an interesting character. It worked so well for Flite Test, that I continued that process, but this time in a narrative style, storytelling. StoneKap Productions now royor in the process of editing the series into a full length sci-fi movie. While the Rotor DR1 movie is currently in the final stages of post-production, you can already see the highly-entertaining individual episodes on YouTube hereincluding roto cool drones themselves.

On our biggest day we probably had people. We wanted to have that that openness and that inclusion and I hope people can remember that.

A Boy & His Drone – The Making of Rotor DR1: Chad Kapper, Director & Producer

But as far as any of the multi-rotors or any of that it was all mechanical and real. I think having, again a really good pilot makes the difference. I knew that it was going to be a post-apocalyptic setting and the main character lived in like a hideout. Was there ever an instance where what the community wanted was at odds with what you are the team wanted?