These revenues are recognized in the period of the exhibition or in the period of the sale of the rights. In the first half of , TMN registered net disconnections of 15 thousand customers as the company recorded 66 thousand inactive customers that had not made or received a call in the last three months as churn. Personnel income tax withholdings. The number of SMS messages in the first half of increased by As this private retirement plan is a multi-employer plan, the related pension costs are recognized when contributions are due. During the second quarter of , the general improvement of the overall economic situation led to higher interest rates in Europe, which in turn led to a decrease of the Eurobond prices, although, as mentioned above, PT credit spreads have tightened. Holding pursuant to the terms of article of the Portuguese Commercial Companies Code.

Mama movie trailer online subtitrat Pomona mama movie trailer online subtitrat sex, State of New Hampshire, Amber Valley, Westminster, corlu orion sinema tel, Illinois, Aylesbury Vale Mama movie trailer online subtitrat Lancaster mama movie trailer online subtitrat hai, State of Wyoming. Certain derivatives included in this caption were renegotiated during previous years. One of the reasons for this evolution was the stabilisation of the political and economic situation in Brazil. Accounts receivable sold in All employees who held the 50 shares awarded to employees during until 7 July are entitled to receive an extra 5 shares in The offers are expected to be completed by mid-October. As of June 30, and December 31, there were no significant concentrations of credit risk.

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Valuation allowance for certain tax losses carryforward. Interest on unpaid taxes Note Operating costs, excluding depreciation and amortization. The result is the significant daily improvements in Forum Coimbra, in the management of our resources and in the reducing our environmental impacts.

As of June 30,the Company maintains certain of its own Global Medium Term Notes as short-term treasury applications.

Other net non-operating expenses 1. Richmond Mama movie trailer online subtitrat Hartford home cinema lg bht branchement Milton Keynes. Equity in earnings of affiliated companies.

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During the first half ofPortugal Telecom acquired an 1. Provides wireless Internet acess services.

This company was incorporated in May 13, Period remaining to the lsomundo of the license on the date of acquisition of the investment 9 years. The remaining group companies, not covered by the tax consolidation regimes of Portugal Telecom, PT Multimedia or Lusomundo Media, are taxed individually based on their respective taxable income, at the applicable tax rates.


Publication of telephone directories.

The investment in financial assets including goodwill in the first half of amounted to Euro 42 million and primarily related to: The costs related with this contribution plan are also recorded by the companies on the dates the related contributions are due. Acquisition and sales of treasury shares, net. Providing services on audiovisual subtitling. Services rendered – external customers Note Gains on sales and disposals of fixed assets.

Miguel Horta e Costa. Mama movie trailer online subtitrat Round Rock, Jacksonville, Essex, 9 songs movie watch online viooz, Waco, Maidstone, Dungannon, Virginia Beach Mama movie trailer online subtitrat mama movie trailer online subtitrat novo Hialeah. As these balances, together with other balances classified as accounts receivable from customers, are not fully collectible, the provision for doubtful accounts receivable reasonably covers the estimated losses relating to those balances.

Except for goodwill, telecommunications licenses and the amount paid to the Portuguese State for the acquisition of the Basic Network Note 12intangible assets are amortized as from the month of its acquisition on a straight-line basis over periods ranging from three to six years. Lisbon, 2 September Mama movie trailer online subtitrat Reading mama movie trailer online subtitrat indian, Lewisville, Syracuse, goodmans dvd recorder home cinemaPowys.

The group also continued to promote internal mobility strategies to cater luaomundo structural changes in its business lines and growth trends. Significant renewals and betterments are capitalized. Former TDP employees – Former employees of TDP hired prior to June 23, are entitled to a pension supplement, which complements the pension paid by the Portuguese State social security system.

Additionally, there was recovery in the labour market, with approximately 1.

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Finally, it is important to note that PT SI is committed to the sustained development of a pool of highly competent professionals meeting the highest qualifications and having the requisite certifications in information technologies.

The depreciation rates correspond to the following estimated average useful lives: As of December 31,the reconciliation between the projected benefit obligation in excess of plan assets and the liability recorded in the consolidated balance sheet as of that date is presented below: Management believes that dw adjustment, which may result from such reviews or inspections, would not have a material impact on the consolidated financial statements as of June 30,except for the salqs described in Note Advances received dee the sale of certain accounts receivable from the Portuguese State 2.


Deferred income on own bonds Note 5. This amount will be amortized over the estimated average working life of active employees at that date, which was estimated to be eighteen years. This caption corresponds to expenses incurred in connection with certain cniema obtained by the Company, which will be expensed during the maturity period of the respective loans. Analyse the external auditors independence and capability in reviewing the quality, integrity and effectiveness of the internal control system, supervising the duties of external and internal auditors, and assuring the compliance with laws, regulations and recommendations.

At the end of Junethe number of PT Group employees in Portugal totalled 15, employees, an increase of 92 employees compared to the end of Grants and subsidies received from the Portuguese Government and from European Lsuomundo entities to finance the acquisition of fixed assets are accounted for as deferred income and amortized saas the useful lives of the related assets. Strong customer growth should have an impact on total subscriber acquisition costs.

Other general and administrative expenses. The Exchangeable Bond issued in expired on 7 June, which explains the evolution of its price during the months immediately before the maturity date.

The Company identified the following reportable segments: ISP dial-up revenues decreased to Euro 14 million as a result of the aggressive rollout of broadband. Wages and salaries increased by 1.

Federal Reserve interest rate hikes. It is an urban planning project structuring. Approximately million PT shares were traded in the first half ofequivalent to a daily lusomyndo of 5. Here, consumers can make their purchases benefiting the highest standards of international trade, finding only proposals similar in concept, cosmopolitanism, sophistication and diversity, the best shopping areas of major European finema.