Fitz to get it together. I like how firm she was with him when he first called but then her voice started cracking. I might be the only person who is rooting for Jake. Lawd knows they both need it to take the edge off. There are a couple of folks on Scandal who have other jobs. He made a play.

She just happens to be a pain in the ass. Also, check out my podcast Ratchet and the Geek , where me and Scott Hanselman talk all things Scandal, tech, social media and pop culture! I do not trust him one bit! Shonda does not disappoint EVER! Betrayal and Blackmail — Abby and Harrison are talking about the Stanners and the topic of betrayal comes up. We might be getting set up for Fitz having to save Liv from the stalker he let loose on her. A highly trained military operative got mugged? Pope has to let people know who she is!

I cannot stand down. But I like him.

How to Get Away with Murder (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

I think Quinn was sloppy and now I fear for her. And as for Jake! She slides it to Phil and tells him not to let whatever is in it change his life. Have they got David Rosen and Molly hidden off somewhere? Yes you love Olivia and no longer love Mellie but shutting the door in her face in front of your secretary. Cyrus gets on the ball and digs up all the dirt on Sarah, including old spring break pictures, emails and old classmates of hers who are willing to speak up about her loose morals.


He is smelling to good these days. Even the fabulous Ms. Fitz get a life and stop abusing all the women around you. The twists and turns give me a headache.

Joi Rx Fitness Lady. Still waiting to see a viable love interest for Olivia introduced although it seems she and Fitz will always have the love. You wanna talk about covering shit up, Fitz? Does he not realize she did it because she thought he would be great?

Luvvie is getting her life from that jacket right now, lol.

The Good Doctor showed that audiences are still into medical dramas, and the reviv… Read more. That to me meant forgive yourself and move on with your life! She is eventually going to lose it…her grip on life is becoming apparant. Add to Watchlist Added. Shonda is writing this man into an unloveable corner that even the Olitz chemistry might not be able to fix.

I know his fate on the show is literally already sealed.

It was like that moment so many of us have had in our own lives. Jake wants to go after him but she tells him that it comes with the territory.


He basically scolded Cy and dismisses him. She tests it out by going into the laundromat, using the number of the CIA that she got last time and they give her his clothes. Sure hate that she got the door face plant.

She should care about finding someone who does care. Annie, Are You Okay? When she gets in the car, she finds an envelope with MAD cash in it. They might make it work. He tells Cyrus to fix the affair thing because it involves the person he wants to nominate to the Supreme Court.

Take it to the head, Liv! Let Huckleberry Quinn be a thing. Married at First Sight 6.

Top of the Hour Almost Ruined Me: Scandal Episode 216 Recap

I watched this episode twice and you still give me stuff I missed. Your graphics floor me. Is there a link to Defiance?

Abby, Harrison broke you and David up for the greater good. Press Not Pizza — A family the Stanners is sitting in their kitchen waiting on dinner and the doorbell rings. He needs to pull up his panties and keep it moving.