Jenna Sommers 46 episodes, The final run will concentrate on how Hope navigates her way through the Salvatore Boarding School for the Gifted and Talented. There she meets Nick Sullivan, who she quickly has sex with. Season 2, Episode 1 September 9, Rose 6 episodes, Granola Instructor 1 episode, Frederick 3 episodes,

Young Elena 1 episode, Sophie Deveraux 1 episode, Choir Member uncredited 1 episode, Beau 7 episodes, Aaron Whitmore 8 episodes, Elena and Bonnie meet Abby and her stepson Jamie.

Orderly uncredited 1 episode, Street Patron uncredited 1 episode, News Reporter uncredited 1 episode, La La Land 6.

Young Rayna 1 episode, Fell in the hospital and she shots him with verbena and steals his blood. Boy uncredited 1 episode, Retrieved May 23, Fell uncredited 3 episodes, Chad 2 episodes, Cocktail waitress uncredited 1 episode, Season 2, Episode 4 September 30, Matt Donovan credit only Candice King Anna Zhu 18 episodes, Troy 1 episode, A group of friends who each have their own needs for money decide to rob a jewelry store, just as Katrina and Jordan decide they want to marry and go to purchase rings.


Callie 1 episode, Rose 6 episodes, College Coed uncredited 1 episode, Season 2, Episode 19 April 21, High School Girl uncredited 1 episode, Samantha Gilbert 1 episode, Bonnie has completely disappointed with her lack of character, telling the annoying Pollg the existence and location of the coffins. Nadia 12 episodes, Miss Gibbons 3 episodes, Josie Saltzman 15 episodes, Season 2, Episode 6 October 21, Season 1, Episode 21 May 6, Teen Guy 1 episode, Lila 1 episode, Man uncredited 2 episodes, Meanwhile, Caroline attempts to get Damon’s medallion back from Bonnie, and Damon offers to help Sheriff Forbes, which leads to tragedy.

Vanessa Monroe 1 episode, Female Patient 1 episode, Summer 2 episodes, Mama Petrova 3 episodes, Young Stefan 1 episode, Season 1, Vapmire 6 October 15, Kol Mikaelson 10 episodes, Animal Control uncredited 1 episode, Surgeon 1 episode, Sophie Deveraux 1 episode, Bachelor Party Guest uncredited 1 episode, Teen Girl – Jessie 1 episode, Fruit Stand Worker 1 episode, Coven Member 1 1 episode,