One character makes me so angry and another character finally won my heart. And I cannot believe he still does not feel anything for Abida! Hey he could give Ashar some lessons, agar yeh Ashar ki jaga hota to Farida aunty apnay paar na hila saktin: I watched Hajji Sahab today and was happy and impressed by his change. So the time has come. In the last few episodes Sirat -e- Mustaqeem left me with mixed feelings for many characters. Nevertheless, SeM was a brilliant play.

So, the time has come. She portrayed the kind of wives that exist in our society. The story took a strange turn. But before I start this review, I just want to I complained in the last two episodes of the drama were slow but today’s episode was fast-paced and well awesome! Who was your favorite character Maria?

Yes thankyou Ghada for reviewing it and yes its been an amazing journey. The other side, seeing the change Mustaqeem, I noticed That point hit me as well. It makes me angrier every episode!

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AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors. I agree with you completely! I missed them a lot during the past few episodes. Laaj Last Episode Review. It was like the old Mustaqeem is back. He had to know that there are 2 people who are the biggest threat to her. I seriously loved it overall, it was one amazing drama serial. Mustaqeem running to the same music that kick started off the story, down at the train station and looking at Mehjabeen, it tied the end to the beginning really nicely.


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Rabia is now married Why Mustaqeem Abeer must take to the bank and then to stay with her? Despite the fact that his father Firdous Jamal is a very religious and strict man and It’s time to say goodbye Sirat -e- Mustaqeem.

Hmm, I think it has to be the new channel. I seriously loved it What did you think of the last episode? It was another brilliant episode! She compromised in everything and she was very patient. I think that could have helped a lot.

It was so sad, but brilliant! It was wit, sorrow, conflict and surprise.

I watched Sirat Mustaqeem -e- for the past few weeks even though I did not consider it. These two episodes have shown living Mustaqeem, Musttaqeem It has been 27 weeks since Sirat -e- Mustaqeem started and I’m so happy that I watched this episode the drama! Why did he come back? I felt so sad Mustaqeem this episode! His portrayal has a Strict typical anna parast father who was peeled slowly to us in each episode, brilliantly written, directed and more so acted and portrayed by Firdous Jamal and honestly next to Mustaqeem he is also one of my favourite characters in the serial.

I wish it aired on a more popular TV channel.

Nevertheless, SeM was a brilliant play. Hard to believe that the 13 weeks since our trip to Sirat -e- Mustaqeem started. I complained in the last two episodes of the drama were slow but today’s episode was fast-paced and well awesome!


Yes, I am finally starting to feel for him now. SeM will be missed! No valgular dialogues, compelling and deep characters and wonderful brilliant acting. But I am glad he changed. My family especially my brothers loved it. He is my second favorite character.

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I will miss this show: If my observation is correct, then there may be a new twist in the story. Mann Pyasa — Episode — 28 — November 7, The first episode of Sirat -e- Mustaqeem certainly was very interesting.

She was the reason Hajji Sahab changed and I wish she could have met Mustaqeem at least once before dying: Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. A Conversation Ghada Qaiser.

I think my hate list is always at least 2 people. Rabia -x bold and courageous decision but then feelings of guiltfeelings of guilt for not getting Mustaweem his sistersquiet anger Haji Sahab ,