A teacher interrupts before Kuroko’s turn, but he later writes his in chalk in the courtyard. To build Kagami’s core strength, Riko sends him to get drinks for the team, one at a time, running on the beach instead of practising with the others. Although Aomine is impressed by Kagami’s determination and his jump height, Aomine himself displays amazing speed and agility and he starts to use street-ball techniques that easily bypass Seirin’s defense. Akashi defends but Kuroko states “I am the shadow”, and Kagami does one of his impossible jumps to dunk and Seirin win, , winning the Winter Cup. However, Hyuga was jaded from his losses in middle school and claimed he had quit basketball. Kuroko cuts in to pass it to Kagami, who scores in spite of resistance from Kise. Rakuzan win the game Yosen’s ball, and Murasakibara attacks the rim again when Kagami had already quickly returned to try and block the former, and he decides to pass back to Himuro, who now gets quickly defended by Kiyoshi.

Kuroko is subbed out to conserve his energy, leaving Kagami to deal with Papa alone. Kise is shocked by his first ever loss. Kagami, being able to keep up with Aomine’s fast pace change, also managed to block Aomine’s signature Formless Shot, which shocks the entire Generation of Miracles. She also explains why Akashi and Murasakibara did not play. The teams from previous matches, including the teams of the Generation of Miracles come to watch the grand final. Kuroko observes Mayuzumi’s play from the sidelines. Midorima and Murasakibara gets into a fight, and Kuroko challenges them into a practice game. During the counterattack, Izuki passes the ball to Kiyoshi, who using the Right of Postponement passes the ball to Hyuga.

Kagami makes his fourth foul, and he are Kuroko are subbed out, to also conserve their energy for their next game.

Kuroko then fukl his Ignite Pass to Hyuga, who manages to catch it and throw a 3-pointer, which by doing so taking the lead. In the last 30 seigin, Seirin is in the lead by one point until Seiho score a dunk, and tighten their defense.


With 45 seconds left, Kirisaki Dai Ichi is barely in the lead, Kuroko is set to sit out the 2nd quarter to think of a solution.

Kuroko tells Kise that he saw him as a rival, since he passed him quickly after he Kuroko became his Kise’s mentor in middle school. Desperate, Haizaki uses a dirty trick near the seurin of the game, but nonetheless, Kise is adamant about winning despite how much pain his foot is in and defeats Haizaki.

Seitin engages a post battle with Murasakibara, but gets blocked even though it is a double clutch layup.

A voice inside Akashi starts telling him to give-up. Kuroko devises a plan that requires time for observation in order to overcome Kise’s Perfect Copy. Aomine goes off by himself to seih him having finally found an opponent where he can go all out on. Seirin indeed are in a difficult situation of beating Nakamiya South.

Rakuzan and Seirin warm up, and Akashi seirjn the winner will be Rakuzan. With Kirisaki Dai Ichi still in the lead,and less than 6 minutes left in the game, Riko seorin Kiyoshi get further injured and calls a time out, subbing Kiyoshi out of the game. The episode starts with Kaijo leading by a point. Takao suggests that Kuroko using Misdirection while he makes a break- an invisible dribble- would be unstoppable.

Play continues, with Kagami focusing on defense and leaving offence to the 2nd years.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Aomine goes past Kagami and makes a spin dunk at the same time. With less movir five minutes left seih the game, and Seiho in the lead,Koganei gets a light concussion, and Kuroko subs back in to pay back Kagami’s grudge against Tsugawa.

Things took a sinister turn when Akashi borrows a pair of scissors from Midorima and almost stabs Kagami in the cheek. After Seirin and Yosen trade baskets, the score is nowwith Yosen still leading by 4. During the time out, Murasakibara said that he does not want to play even though they are still 4 points ahead, but Himuro is able to convince him back into playing.


She seiyo goes to the same school as Aomine. However, Aomine got a foul for charging Kuroko. Some days later, Seirin see Kiyoshi off at the airport, as he is going overseas to get a surgery for his knee. Riko is impressed and agrees to coach them.

Kuroko’s Basketball | Netflix

He lies and claims it is just a sprain, movje Hyuga confronts him later and Kiyoshi admits that with rehabilitation and surgery his knee will heal by the time he finishes high-school. After Sakurai experiences Hyuga’s 3-pointers, he begins to pout and it turns into a 3-pointer shoot-out between Sakurai and Hyuga.

But Riko refused, saying she hated that everyone who played in the same league as the Teiko team had given up on winning, and they would need to convince her that they’re serious.

Daiki told Taiga that fulll can take the shoes to which Kagami grudgingly accepts, saying that he’ll take it for now and that their competition isn’t finished yet. Also, Touou revealed that they will be Seirin’s opponent in the first round of the Winter Cup. Hyuga gives Kiyoshi a hi-five.

Kagami and Kuroko are determined more than ever to work hard to develop their style of basketball. Also, Kuroko’s friend loses, and calls Kuroko, crying. Kagami realises that he must improve his ball handling in his left hand and learn to win aerial battles in order to beat the Generation of Miracles.

Tatsuya asks Murasakibara to play defence while he handles offence, but the game sseirin soon called off due to heavy rain.