Everyone’s going to sleep. Louie voice Pamela Hayden We could list quite a few more, like Bart looking for swear words in the bible, and Homer returning Maggie’s nose to pay her back for the rescue which is not something we could do for the first two episodes of the season. When can I get my beamer?! You towed it with the kids still in it! Well, no one’s disputing that.

And now you are free to live like a human being. If you’re so smart, you do it! Springfield – street – morning. You towed it with the kids still in it! I got all kinds a names for ’em: I’m doing my job! Yeah, without the crushing rule of law, society will do a better job of regulating itself.

Springfield street – day. Full Cast and Crew.

I think it goes here. Hey, I get to drive around, eat when I want, eyeball the highway honeys Meanwhile, Homer finds out the Kwik-E-Mart and Moe’s Tavern do not have any more milk; Moe even charges him for accidentally serving him white paint, so he takes a trip past Shelbyville and Ogdenville to Guidopolisa sleazy-looking town populated by Italian-American stereotypes. Daddy’s putting back your nose. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Duffman lowers his blimp into a no-parking zone, where it is shot by the Sea Captaincausing it to deflate onto the pavement.

After towing the Rich Texan ‘s limo, a newly successful Homer goes so far as to tow down Arnie Pie ‘s helicopter. She-atas, Hebrew canoes, spam cans, Swedish speedballs, and of course, stretch lame-os. What does that stand for? Treehouse of Horror list. Simpson house – kitchen – continuous. You know what they say: Avast, ye sky whale! Now ya got nothin’! The episode title is a reference to Midnight Cowboy.



The Springfield territory’s wide open, since Flatbed Fred got killed in that murder-murder-murder-suicide. Start With a Classic Cult. Where are you, Homie? Hey, when you married a man who would, years later, without warning, become a tow truck driver, you knew what the deal would eventually be.

Then I’ll have to charge you extra, depending on the color. I know a thing or two about tow-Joes.

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Allow me to demonstri-care. Moe’s – establishing – night. For five hundred bucks, I’ll sell ya this old bucket.

At Guidopolis, however, Homer is abducted by Louie who keeps him in his basement with other tow truck drivers who trespassed his area, where he bonds with them. I can’t be out in this neighborhood — my jewelry’s real!

Views Read Edit View history. Homer, where have you been? Now just remember two rules The episode had 7. And if elected president of our small community, I will determine once and for all how far we can go without being gay. Retrieved from ” https: Episore giving the sack of potatoes a punch, Maggie gives Marge her pacifier and hugs Marge, reuniting with her.


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How’s he getting around? After leaving a car in Guidopolis, they spray on a handicap parking logo, stuff multiple tickets under the windshield wipers, leave it beside a fire hydrant, and attach an incomprehensible license plate.

Homer agrees, and becomes Springfield’s official tow truck driver. Get in here, Mel. Matt Groening created byJames L. You can’t tow a hybrid! Select your dpisode TV provider to access full length episodes. Click that one, Mom. Archived from the original on All over the floor.

And all the Transformers transformed back into trucks and cars. Doesn’t that joke make light of totalitarians? The joke of Homer crying over spilled milk is an obvious one, but there’s just something about Homer’s “sobbing voice” that makes us laugh, especially when he’s saying something as ludicrously tragic as, “It’s all over the floor.

I’m starting to worry about your father. Woman voice Karl Wiedergott To watch full episodes, you must sign in Sign In. Let me just grab my registration. He hasn’t been home in four days. Dolby Dolby SR seasons