The ending gives everyone a bit of what they want which equates to nothing much at all. I’m suspicious of any recommendation from someone professionally trained to argue either side of a case. Whatta friend, that Hee-won! Can you guys find another show which you disagree passionately and argue about that next? The story is a twist on an old Korean folk tale called “Kongji and Patzzi” – somewhat like a Korean version of Cinderella , where Kongji is the nice girl who in the end wins the Prince, and Patzzi is the hot-tempered and nasty girl whom everyone dislikes like an evil stepsister. She does do the innocent little girl so well, perhaps too well as she basically only offered like roles, heavily type cast.

Whatta friend, that Hee-won! Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. Naturally, Song-yee isn’t too happy about this. Plus, there’s more after this scene that isn’t mentioned here. He ends up by the fountain, the site of many a heart-to-heart chat with her. My Love, Patzzi Hangul:

The end means hardly anything, have to pay attention to the drama as a whole and its dialogue – the dialogue was as blatant as it gets, as per the recap. Hee-won, seeing that two men have fallen for Song-yee, proceeds to do what she does best, and tries her hardest to steal Seung-joon from her while making Song-yee look bad in the process, though Seung-joon might be harder to steal than she originally expected.

Though after watching if a few times I decided it was just a kiss shared. In most as in bright Girl its the rich jerk that needs the girl to get past whatever mind freak he having trouble with and thus grows up and so forth becoming a full adult and better person with his ‘soulmate’. I’m not sure if people will ever agree if this ending was gutsy or gutless Also, negative bonus points for mysterious diseases.


I really don’t care for more of this wishy-washy k-drama Otherwise I wouldn’t get such a kick out of Mi-nyeo and Tae-kyung’s romance or Jung-in and Hyun-soo’s courtship.

She admits korew she isn’t sure its love or what it is. Song-yee, a member of sinoosis school staff, has the children perform an altered version of Patji and Kongji, where Patji in fact wins the prince’s love after he discovers that Kongji Kim Jaewonthe pretty one, is manipulative and fake.

That aside, I’m all with you Samsooki. She doesn’t have to end up with him for us to know that she loves him. My contention is that the first coin, the true love wish coin, DID come true, because it never got tossed away.

Retrieved December 21, Time passes, they grow up, and the same rivalry exists – Hee-won has the better job while Song Yi struggles. So with all due respect I will have to give JB my uttermost reverence and loyalty, I think she is right this time.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She didn’t suit him at all. I’ve missed so much of the action!

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To repeat myself from the other comments thread: You three are bonkers. I don’t find the actress totally annoying, but her character makes me insane.

I don’t even like seals! What happened to learning and moving on?!

A little goes a long way for me and it doesn’t have to be traditional at all. Who got me into this mess?

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The second lead didn’t need to be a scheming monster – she just needed to be so treacly and limp that we could despise her vicariously through the eyes of the main character. Episode 6 by Helcat. Rocking her back and forth. I like the idea of subverting a romance srama looking at different kinds of love. I vote that you were too blinded by Jang Nara’s cuteness to ever suppose that she could be so wishy-washy. BUt she sticks to her characteristics as straight forward epsode when she chooses she gives precedence to what she knows and is comfortable with companionship friendship etc with KRW.


Then of course, you, the audience, just assume Song Yi will choose the most admirable person from the two men, right?

Indeed the one role where she really acted cute to achieve mega cuteness had to be her Chinese Bratty Princess and even the the lead actor said she was more cute in person than one could ever show on film.

Can’t you all do something more constructive? I’ve never seen the show and if the drama had ended with this scene as stated above, I think that we could hope that they would end up together Or several ideas of this drama. Samsooki I am almost convinced, but can’t get that after 1 year scene from my head when Patzzi had both the men swung in her arms.