She figures out their plan pretty quickly—that going after Arang means they draw her out into the open. Whatever his original fate was, it certainly wasn’t punishment. What do I do now? She probably wants to get rid of Jade and Hades, cuz she can’t keep hiding forever! I love this episode! If he does not own his own time, then who does? Tapi Mi-ho berpikir kalau dia sangat terkesan melakukan itu dan meminta Dong-joo untuk tidak menghentikannya. Eun-oh says that he has his reasons and asks to be let inside.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Epic Grimm Reaper fight scene. AATM is such a complicated drama yet an interesting one. I mean living as a Goat in Heaven Good thing I was alone during that time. Ji Woo brings Seung Yeon medicine for not feeling well from eating so much. Ban mendengus melihat di tempat umum ini ada banyak pasangan tapi Min-sook merasa baik2 saja. Aku akan menyerahkan setengah hidupku dan kau akan menyerah menjadi manusia dan kita akan melihat apa yang terjadi.

Point one-most of the plotlines were left unfinished. Track listing “Shout” – Lee Ki-chan [36] “Shout” instrumental. And now that she thinks of it, Seung Yeon reminds her of all the hardships she had to face when she first came into the field and it reminds aarang of how hard it was and how much she felt like dying. In Young is preparing for her fan meeting and waits for Woo Hyun to show up. I think the Big Bad needs souls and bodies, just for different purposes.

He has until the last one disappears. I will not dare… to love you. What kind of flat beer have we just been served in this episode?


Anyway, that’s what I know Dong-joo yakin kalau Dae-woong tidak akan datang ketika dia tahu dia sekarat — dia akan berlari jauh dari Mi-ho. In Young practices dance and wonder what Director Lee is doing about the picture she gave him.

He puts his hand out and rhe around the room, feeling the supernatural energy. Even an alternate ending for our characters. Joongirl October 18, at 8: Bang-wool leans in close to Arang to hear her breathing Are you gonna kiss her too? Please please i hope so! But when the fairy found him useful she decided to keep him around?

Download the latest version here. I’m surprised that this show has been on the back burner in comparison to Faith when it comes to watching it. Well, basically i like the arnag here. So pairs of lovers who have formed very strong attachments with one another would have their fates and souls intertwined in their next lives xrang in the afterlife.

Dol-swe’s position as magistrate was something that he had to apply and work for, it was not served to him on a platter. That flicker of surprise and embarassment on JK’s face is just so well done and layered! Eun-oh fiom off the men, but Evil Junior and a few others chase after Arang.

I love the onion metaphor! At first, Eun-oh rejects her request.

There, he gets straight to the point, warning her people hate fake scandals but her timing was amazing. Say what would have happened to the two moons timed immortality if it had been seized unceremoniously? This is an exciting episode I think JE wise enough.


Loved this episode, esp the kiss! They put the two and two together, and figure out about the knife, but there is one other thing to solve. Haha, that would be your idea of seduction.

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Tied to it is a familiar blue ribbon, and a ransom note. The reaper is the one to guide the souls annd, and as we know, he just lost his only reaper contact.

Thanks to those commenting. Eun-oh starts to argue that Mu-young told him a way to go without dying phew! Kiara September 20, at 7: But a really great mystery knows how to answer a question with more questions, to sinopsiis us clamoring for more.

All that has happened had been hinted in previous episodes.

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Kau akan mengingatku selamanya, kan? Thanks for the recap! She feels the fabric and looks at all the colors with such deep appreciation. I will give high score for this drama. She didn’t like heaven and is said to have probably preferred hell to hold onto the feelings of passion, the memories and almost eternal longing.