Another question, after fake MW shot him in the black suit and fake killed him, how did he end up on a bench? In Ah screams about her. Probably he was just frustrated at everything then chanelled it towards her. There is an unspoken rule around these parts that we like to keep commentary on-topic. D that confession in the end, i wanted to see it now: I’ve been following SMW for the whole series and I can honestly say it’s one my favorites so far this year. Since this drama has gone on full meta mode in reel and real sense sans the amnesia, though still possible who knows , they should just get these two N.

Behaving like this when she had to know it would blow up makes me wonder if before she ever started filming she was worried about her own well-being. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He goes home with his assistant and gives him the night off. Turns out it was for the drama, and Kang Woo keeps kissing Myung Wol even after the director calls cut. From personal experience I know that sleep deprivation can cause one to make decisions without really thinking them through. He startles and asks just how the hell she keeps getting into his house! The tone, the acting, and the general feel of the episode was pretty consistent with prior ones.

But I could see a huge difference in some of his reactions in City Hunter. OMG what made her run-off in such a way even considering it will be the END of her acting-career, because she is normally a very career-ambitious episoce. I’m glad they’ve seemingly got it back on track.

Haven’t seen this episode yet, but with this post and all of the stills culled from the show, it’s really apparent just how exhausted HYS is from these pics. Worst news to read in the morning. Thanks for the recap! Kang Woo stares and stares at Myung Wol some more. After that is up in the air, but I thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me on this drama.


Kang-woo and In-ah go on a date to a cafe, obliging the fans who watch them from outside the window. See, this is what happens when you overreact. The camera pans down to a confrontation happening on the rooftop of a high rise, with Kang Woo and another man played by the recently ubiquitous Kim Sung Oh pointing their guns at each other.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Kang Woo tells In Ah to call the media, he has even more explosive news to reveal. Previously my recap reading has come months or years after the show aired. She stalks off and Hee Bok giggles that her grumpiness is so cute.

And in the end she discovers true love with that man.

The chemistry of the OTP is good imo and those two qualities are enough to keep me interested. So Kang Woo is not a spy himself? Thank you so much for the wonderful recap of first episode! But at least she pointed out to something what is wrong in the K-Drama production world, that needs to be corrected asap. I m not that much into the drama anymore but rather the individual actors. All of the makjang was ridiculous, the baby pictures, KW’s dying make-up at their wedding, the making out on the bus to applause, it was perfect, but when KW coughed up a quart of blood just walking down the street, I totally lost it.

Myung Wol sits before studio execs and discovers that Kang Woo marked up her script with helpful notes.

She catches up to Kang Woo outside the hotel. Eric, by the way, is one hot clothes wearer.

Spy Myung Wol Episode 7 Recap

He walks into the warehouse and demands that they let Myung Wol go. Even In Ah looks envious. He’s a 49er now. Yes, Choi Ryu, save your breath. It was, as you guys mentioned, pretty consistent with the rest of the drama thus far, which is a relief. So if MW becomes famous does it mean they no longer aol KW and just need to bring her back?


spyy We should have been seeing that angle earlier on, too. Probably he was just frustrated at everything then chanelled it towards her. Is it life imitating art, imitating life, imitating art?

Now if only I could get my hands on some subs for Protect the Boss I epusode still meet my romcom quota! How do I know I’m gnna survive waiting till them!!! And, the scenes that were obviously filmed before the current fiasco really do attest to the stress on the cast. And calling someone idiot just because they dont behave like what you expected make you better than them.

Ryu tells him that the best thing for Myung-wol right now is to stay away, and tells him to go in if he likes. Keeps my hope up although my patience is mtung to wear thin.

I think the story has a lot of potential… spy, comedy whatever… so I really hope that I can get into it eventually. Thanks again and please continue to great work!!!!

Spy Myung Wol Episode 1 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

She sees his picture on the wall and she flashes back to dancing with him tonight, and how he got rid of the grabby guy. Sure eol, a fallen props sends an ember into the gas line. Myung-wol even gets prominent placement on the fecap poster — which, by the way, is titled Shiri 2. Kang-woo drives off, apparently having gotten a haircut in the time between leaving set and getting in his car.