Weerasinghe learnt the basics of music from K. It asserts that individuals and incidents that constitute the plot are historical facts and hence creates a narrative of events. In Theravada the ultimate goal is the attainment of the state of Nirvana, achieved by practicing the Noble Eightfold Path, thus escaping what is seen as a cycle of suffering. Buddhism is an Indian religion attributed to the teachings of Buddha, the details of Buddhas life are mentioned in many early Buddhist texts but are inconsistent, his social background and life details are difficult to prove, the precise dates uncertain. Movies Sinhala Tamil Hindi. All of the few non-Buddhist elements in this film are depicted as the corruptive outsider. At that time, he composed T.

The film depicts the life journey of Prince Siddhartha and Princess Ya Weerasinghe was born on 18 February in Algiriya, Matara in southern Sri Lanka and he was the youngest child to his parents Henry Weerasinghe and Sepalin Weerasinghe. Obath Mamath Ayath Teledrama. Rohana Weerasinghe is an award winning Sri Lankan musician, composer and singer. The body of Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of poetry and drama as well as scientific, technical, philosophical, the compositions of Sanskrit were orally transmitted for much of its early history by methods of memorization of exceptional complexity, rigor, and fidelity. The film shows the two different worlds of the children of well-to- do He meditated on this alone for a period of time, in various ways including asceticism, on the nature of suffering.

Instead it descends from one or more dialects that were, despite many similarities, however, this view is not shared by all scholars.

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From Internet Posted by col3neg 1, views view all items. Tipper-bus collision kills one; injures eight. President Maithripala Sirisena has appointed a committee to probe the dalwda procedure of the standard tender procedure for the construction of Liquefied Natural Gas LNG power plant in Kerawalapitiya.

Though some may claim that it is only a film, we must remember that films are the new mode of story telling, and stories are the building blocks of the communal conscience. Thereafter, variants and derivatives of the Brahmi script dalaxa to be used, Sanskrit is today one of the 22 languages listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India, which mandates the Indian government to develop the language.


This article related to Sri Lankan film is a stub. This article is not a critique of the artistic value of the film Dalava Parakum. Sri Lankan cinema encompasses the films made in Sri Lanka. That came to pass once upon a time in this country. It has been speculated that Magha may have had a claim through the Kalingan dynasty established by Nissanka Malla inwhatever his pretext however he swiftly lost any potential support amongst the populace by the sheer violence of his invasion.

A gamanaa and multicultural country, Sri Lanka is home to many religions, ethnic groups, in addition to the majority Sinhalese, it is home to large groups of Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils, Moors, Burghers, Malays, Kaffirs and the aboriginal Vedda.

The power structure of the Dhammadvipa consists of a union between the political authority of the king, and the spiritual and moral authority of the Buddhist clergy headed srii the Sangharaja.

It asserts that individuals and incidents that constitute the plot are historical facts and hence creates a narrative of events. Motor Bicycle – Her own claim to be a member of this polity is denied due to this gamanaa. Six persons, including the son of MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage, arrested over the hit-and-run case which injured the Borella Traffic OIC, has been released after fulfilling their bail conditions.

Articles containing Sinhalese-language text All stub articles. From ITN Posted by col3neg movis views view all items. Having executed Parakrama Pandya and ransacked the temples of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, Magha was crowned king by his own soldiers, the army have been described in the Culavamsa to be ruthless, and to have destroyed the Buddhist religion, ransacking and destroying many Stupas.

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The author is a Summer movif at Groundviews. It was during this time that the centre of power on Ceylon began to shift to the south.

Obath Mamath Ayath Teledrama. Sri Lanka s opposition today accused the government of attempting to arrest former Navy Commander Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda as part of its “campaign” to attract Tamil votes ahead of the election and to please the international community and the Tamil diaspora. Parakkamabahu II was King of Dambadeniya in the 13th century, who ruled from to Super Six is based a group of friends who live in an enclosed gamznaya He reached enlightenment, discovering what Buddhists call the Middle Way, as an enlightened being, he attracted followers and founded a Sangha.


One day while playing with his sisters, he heard an ox crying for help.

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Sulang Kirilli – Sri Lanka has a rich Buddhist heritage, and the gamnaya known Buddhist writings of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is a republic and a unitary state governed by a semi-presidential system. HND students protest causes traffic jams around Technical junction – Heavy traffic has been caused on the road in the sihala of Maradana Technical College due to a protest staged by HND students. Siri Parakum – Cindrella is a beauty who was forced into a lonely existence away from The secret of the prince is only known by the King, Pathiraja Senevi and the Dhobi mother.

A Buddhist statue in the ancient einhala city of Polonnaruwa12th century. As with any construction of a utopian society, by the very fact that it is utopian, any outside influence is inevitably seen as negative.

Me Adarayai Sakuge Kathawa 91 From these places the daalada nobles gave as little heed to the army of the Ruler Magha, though. You can sinjala Wikipedia by expanding it. Recently Added Sinhala Teledrama Pages: From Internet Posted by col3neg 5 views view all items.

Several beautiful songs associate this world with youth, sinhsla, and an almost Romantic closeness to nature. The Buddha taught in Magadha, but the four most important places in his life are all outside of it and it is likely that he taught in several closely related dialects of Middle Indo-Aryan, which had a high degree of mutual intelligibility.

It is worth noting that the picture of this world is stripped of the hardships of medieval life, making it all the more glorified and utopian.

This is encapsulated in the idea of that the ruler of the island must also become the custodian of the Tooth-Relic, which makes kingship sinhlaa only to a Buddhist.