See my customer review there, which is a very similar product, where I posted a very favorable review. Also, the band on this watch is noticeably wider. I’m very happy with this product and would recommend it to others. Maybe missing a sapphire crystal?? Though there are those that think that’s a fashion faux paux to do so. You might be able to find higher quality printing or faster speeds, but for general production work this printer is a work horse and will be very hard to beat. In essence that means the watch displays the time in stopwatch and countdown timer mode. Overall it is a very well made Casio product and all of the features work as advertised and are just as I want them.

When these printers are available at special pricing, the ‘bang-for-the-buck’ is very high. The display sits at a 80 degree angle, so a watch will I tried to get the printer on the network without reading the instructions without much success. Now that everything works, I’m pleased with the purchase and the price I paid. The transparent back adds a nice touch to the look of the watch even if you can’t see the back of the watch while your wearing it. It could probably be used for signaling in an emergency. Even if they have indeed fixed the problem on the newest printers HP has lost my company’s business thanks to all the time and trouble they’ve caused with this defective design. This watch has good quality throughout.

cherrywooe This attractive beauty is definitely not a waste of your money whatsoever and I highly recommend its purchase. Faxing, however, did not completely work after installation and configuration.

If you’re looking for a dainty feminine watch, this is not it.

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The watch is a “beater” Citizen watches in general are rugged, reliable, accurate, and with the Eco-Drive and Perpetual calendar, completely steinhauswn. Document feeder works pretty well, too.

My previous Citizen watch came wahch Amazon retailer associate, Princeton Watch. The inner face has three smaller dials in a triangular configuration. Perhaps the only downside to the watch is that if you don’t wear it frequently execcutive watch will stop keeping time since there is no battery the watch is powered by the natural movement of your hand. The stop watch capabilities are not as thorough as sports watches.


Also shop in Also shop in. The bezel outer ring is a little loose but easy to turn, and the dial is surprisingly clear and easy to read due to the strong design of the sword hands.

I’ve had Citizen watches for a long time. I think I have a new favorite watch. At any rate, Princeton Watch is a great retailer on the Amazon list of dealers.

I still have plenty of ink. The steel blue and black versions have a subtle two-tone face with a more highly polished look around the edge where the numbers are located. When I first received the watch the battery indicator showed the battery was a little low. A few months ago I bought a black ceramic watch from a “high end” department store and paid twice what I paid for steinhausenn one.

If I wear the watch all the time, I will not have any need to change days, but the date you need to making you unscrew the crown, just like any other automatic watch. This way it won’t run out of ink and empty your wallet as this is where most of your money will go after a while.

I love the idea of these watches, but if they break, they cost as much to send in to repair “under warranty” as they do to purchase, so consider them disposable. Maybe missing a sapphire crystal?? I bought this for my husband for Christmas a few years To borrow a phrase from another manufacturer, “they take a lickin and keep on tickin.

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Bought this for my 8 year old son. G-shocks in general are the sturdiest watches ever built. There are also high capacity cartridges available for the Canon and the Brother but not for the Steinhauswn 12xx series laserjet printers.

That lighter weight of titanium is also important in larger watches such as these, along with the strength. Good watch and the band lasted very well, but the battery is starting to go so I’ve ordered a new Gulfman. Much to my horror, it fell off the nightstand and the hands froze.

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It was interesting to see the different approaches taken by these three companies to produce a product for the home and small office market. I have documented cases where one of these printers or the refurbished replacement has lasted only months.


It seems to go a long way on ink – I am just now changing out the regular capacity cartridges the unit came with, with a full size DVD pastel image and printing. This one is definitely not poor, and it would take a practiced eye to see any difference in print quality between this and a much more expensive laser printer. The user manual for the Mnf clearly states that it should do that when the machine is configured to work on the same line as an answering machine.

Without any radio reception, the watch is rated to no more than 15 seconds loss per month so should you travel outside of reception areas the watch will still keep excellent time. I have had men ask me if it is a man’s watch. I bought this new. With the earlier models I was always having to replace the watch band because I brutalized them so badly on the jobsite. I would recommend this watch to anyone interested in a ceramic watch with “bling.

Yes, there is a limited chronograph function but it is so poorly designed so as to render the watch useless for that function.

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Some other buyers say there is nothing in the right uppermost circle, but that’s not true. The stainless is beautiful and the band is a work of art–VERY well made, very substantial and very smooth. I am glad I have them on this watch though. Software interface is simple to use but offers a lot of features.

After charging it, I could read the time on this watch in a totally dark room from about 12 feet awayprobably farther if not limited by my own eyesight. So I got the printer. I also had to have the metal bracelet segment pins replaced once as they had worn out. My wife was not amused.