Set in comtemorary Moscow, Night Watch revolves around the conflict between the forces of light and darkness – the result of a medieval truce-between the opposing sides. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Originally Posted by manatsu May have to though. Rough Draft Final Draft. What do you think about this? The ancient vanished civilization, the “Seeders” who seem to have born all known galactic races , left a Temple at each inhabited planet. Night Watch video game Day Watch video game Characters.

Once get inside, the people are able to detach their mind from The Deep only at the special “exit points,” that usually look like various exits at the real world, e. Full Cast and Crew. It is revealed later in the book that the witch, Arina, used the book of Fuaran to transform Gesser’s son into an Other. I’d like to know which songs they are. What Anton did not want the vampire to realize was that because Kostya was an Other an Other without classification to boot , he would not be able to perform any magic in the vast emptiness of space. A third film, set to be called either Dusk Watch or Twilight Watch Sumerechniy Dozor is apparently due to be released next year. Each subsequent book involves more ethical problems and philosophy, while at the same time the scale of action steadily increases. The surrounds are very active and the bass is thunderous.

Originally Posted by Caine. This book is one of a “human mind inside of virtual reality” theme. They are both capable of flying, and dkzor fight each other in small local clashes. Start your free trial. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

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Sergei Lukyanenko bibliography

Are these books from the “Night Watch” movies? The goal of the game is to take over all sumerechnoy islands, which is practically impossible to achieve.


Whilst there, he learns of an incident where werewolves tried to attack two human children but who were saved by a mysterious woman living in the dozzor. Cold Shores Morning Nears.

Night Watch Day Watch.

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Submissions must be titled. On the surface the story line appears to be standard Hollywood stock; a race of super-humans called “Others” exists. Kostya makes it to the Baikonur Cosmodrome and mind-controls the humans there to suit him up for the rocket launch. I also love the band Piknik – I’d forgotten about them!

Anton magically reads the older girl’s memory, and notices that she saw a book titled “Fuaran” on the shelf. Instead, all the subjects were turned quickly to the cause, which lead to the downfall of the government and the death of nearly all the subjects, supposedly due to Arina’s intentional sabotage. But the Word is not known by all, and many wish to wield it.

But there is constant fear that an acient prophecy will come true: This page was last edited on 23 Juneat Set in comtemorary Moscow, Night Watch revolves around the conflict between the forces of light and darkness – the result of a medieval truce-between the opposing sides. Both sides answer to the Inquisition—an organization which ensures that neither of the two sides become too powerful.

The main purpose of this subreddit is for recommendations for instant watch. I had to give me mobile to a security guy, cuz they say that I could make a pic and this would be not allowed… And I found it funny to see a movie regarded by the security… huhu, someone could make a pic of this movie, what a disaster.

Originally Posted by manatsu Too many different stories at the same time. Edgar explains to Anton that Arina was wanted for questioning.


Having lost their target, the duo split ways, Edgar to get backup in order to find the witch and Anton to return to his family. Honestly I read the books first and it disappointed me a bit as it cut and changed lots of it. In the international version, the song has been replaced, however, the clip show is still the same.


The Inquisition had erected a dome to stop the witch from escaping, and she was holding Nadya hostage with demands that they find her a means to escape. In the books there are also parts of certain Russian songs printed. Rough Draft Final Draft.

Inhabitants of each island try to conquer their neighbors. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Everybody finds it in his own way, but the large ancient civilization of Fungs found it in beauty. Jesus, I watched too much movies, I think it was subbed in english, I have to ask Diceman These films are well worth a look, and the Blu-rays are easily the best and most enjoyable way to do so.

Songs from the Books Nochnoi Dozor by S. Otets Kosti Mariya Poroshina Use the HTML below.

It was more of a fantasy flick and reminded me of the Blade films. This ability makes them almost impossible to be harmed or caught by other people within The Deep. They are often hired for spying on or intruding other organizations and businesses. Audible Download Audio Books.

All the people are divided into the good Wingers, that live fikm cities, and the bad Flyings, that live in towers. I didnt know it was a sequel. However, useful and thoughtful posts regarding Netflix in general are tolerated.