If you argue with Russell, or challenge a decision, or try to play him as aggressively as he is playing you, it will end badly. He wants to win the game. I really do pull for Dave Ball. During the early stage of the challenge when they were pushing the sphere, I was completely unaware that Russell was struggling. In order to have any shot at actually winning the game, they cannot risk betraying anybody on their tribe. We do it almost every season, and yet it amazes me how many times it creates havoc. John could have used that pie to buy a lot of good will from a lot of people, and I absolutely believe had he done so he would still be in the game. One of the biggest and most memorable in a long, long time.

When Russell stood up to play the idol once again, the reactions of Kelly, Dave, Monica and Laura were solid gold. Home Article Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: More on Jaison later…. You have to give him some credit. They became our friends, we stayed in their homes, we ate dinner with them, met their families, shared stories of our lives. Samoa I was still rooting for him and as I write this tonight, I still am.

She encounters a rat scrounging for food. That is how you survigor to play Survivor. So many times in this game the people on top forget about the people on the bottom.

Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Samoa’: episode 9 |

Instead he lost even more favor because he was survigor as selfish. This gave him the chance to see what was really going to happen. John Nash, the dude that was the inspiration for the movie, A Beautiful Mind spelled it out clearly in his thoughts on game theory. Home Article Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Depends on your point of view.

He stayed true to Galu through the first vote, forcing a tie. He did not want to be seen as a quitter. He said you must always make your best move based on the assumption that the other person is making their best move.


He was worried how he would be portrayed and what his family would think. One thing that has always been true about Survivor fans, you are loyal. We merge and suddenly everybody pretends to like everybody else. Natalie killing the rat is one of my favorites moments of all time. They forget how dangerous the outcasts are because they have nothing to lose by switching sides and everything to gain. But Erik was right, this is not one big extended family.

Samoa I was still rooting for him and as I write this tonight, I still am. When Russell began to get worried about Mick turning on him, he made a statement that speaks to the kind of game he is playing:.

As long as Survivor remains an individual game it will continue to have unexpected flips and flops because everybody has their own agenda and that will always cause chaos.

Rain is a double-edged sword on Survivor. In doing so, Russell and the rest of the Foa Foa tribe officially changed the game.

Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Samoa’: episode #8 |

If not, are his days numbered? She won that challenge for her group.

In fact, Monica did a very good job of working Foa Foa trying to convince them probzt vote was for John. Russell used John like a mercenary.

Does anybody know what Samla is talking about? I tested this challenge myself and those wooden planks were very heavy. We just have never had anybody take the initiative to start looking without the clue. I really do pull for Dave Ball. Jaison proved himself a worthy prosecutor with his ability to eloquently attack Ben for making what he perceived to be racist comments. Jaison struggled a lot these first several days of Survivor.

So where do we stand now?

Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Samoa’: episode #6

The first mistake John made was in making a deal with the one guy you simply cannot trust — Russell. Erik was a major threat in the game with a major attitude. We like to eat. Why have they been able to pull off a comeback and get themselves back in contention?


After Russell was removed we then had to make a decision whether to continue with our double tribal council or cancel it. It was the majority. Her approach was a wise one. Galu actually had a very solid idea. We do it almost every season, and yet it amazes me how many times it creates havoc. So many different ways it could turn depending on who makes it to the final. Trusting anybody is tough on Survivor, but in terms of pure performance, she did a great job of justifying why she would not vote for Laura but would vote for John.

Well, this much we know for sure: It was the plan. Not always the right way, but a long way. Anybody remember back on Survivor: Jaison made a great move in buying the advantage. I hated to see ole Danger Dave go home. Just like I believe Ben did not intend to be chauvinistic when lecturing the women of the tribe on why they should not attempt to make fire: A merge also offers up a chance for new alliances to form and just like on day one, those new alliances need to form quickly.

To go to everybody on the other tribe that you have the idol and offer them the same exact deal could so easily backfire if just one person opens their mouth.

A disgruntled jury member, wait is that redundant? That means you have to get inside their head, think what their best move is, assume they will make that move and based on that make your best move.