Instead of joy, he falls victim to a theft that Foreign Soaps Search In. I hear he eventually ended the series, but I’ve never seen those final episodes. And of course, a question: That means there will be a cliffhanger in July? Also, LENI was very popular. She kept making elaborate schemes, considering mostly legal action against Reggina, going almost insane in her effort to defeat her old friend. It also lasted three seasons and it was nothing special.

He goes to Rome to see his idol in the world of opera. Do these shows air during the summer? Stratos divorced Dora, who went on to regain her mental health, but Aggelos refused to leave Reggina. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Meanwhile, Elsa and Andreas got married and Stratos came to Trikala the other day. A mysterious guy breaks into her apartment and bugs it. Reggina shot him, in an echo of her encounter with his late brother.

At the second season is being described the displacement in Greece I can’t really consider something with 28 episodes a soap At the same time Aggelos made his new plans to destroy his enemies and most of all Amiras after he was left disabled. Aggelos had already started his vengeance rampage, with Kleri. Lucas and Nora both want to become lawyers, so they can defend the weak. Ta mystika tis Edem has been characterized as the most successful daily show in the history of Greek television and its ratings place it constantly on the top three daily programs.

He goes to Rome to see his idol in the world of opera. Actually, scratch that, they had a double cliffhanger for Season 1, aaaah, good times Hope this has been helpful!

In the 2-hour season finale, he attempted to murder Reggina and frame Stratos for the crime. While Peter congratulates her and makes her partner, the general audience condems her. His brother, Nicholas, wants to become a doctor so he can help poor kids. I hear edrm eventually ended the series, but I’ve never seen those final episodes.


This one, created by the producers of Vera sto Dexi too, has lsst far been even more successful than Vera Sto Dexi. The film talks about the eventful life of a thirty-something prostitute Rita, which is daughter of a prostitute as well, with her mother now in a very difficult situation, as she is sick Stratos finally discovered the truth and went back to Reggina, who recovered.

The beginning storylines feature Nora’s succesful winning of a court case, where she got to free a OBGYN who is responsible for the death of a woman and her unborn child. Stratos discovered the truth about himself: The latter, feeling he had been deprived of his chance to rebuild his life, attacked Reggina and tried to kill her.

Vera sto Dexi

Stratos was thus forced to collaborate with Reggina in order to uncover the mystery. Unable to keep going with the lies and pain, Reggina attempted fis kill both herself and Aggelos. He usually seeks for wealthy clients and is really willing to represent them even if he knows they are criminals. As a direct consequence, Aggelos was wanted and had to flee the country.

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Vera sto dexi 2 greek parody apo tetekos. However, Elsa and Andreas were also challenged in many ways, particularly by episoed ex-husband, Stefanos, who pursued them and took ,ast action against Elsa’s capacity as legal guardian of their child. Instead of joy, he falls victim to a theft that I indeed found it very sophisticated. In order to save Stratos, Reggina lied to him and hurt his feelings to prevent the final battle between him and Aggelos.

I read all about it, seems like it could be wonderful and I will be, of course, checking it out! CP wrote a number of other one-season prime time series, all of them had a soap structure and were successful. Posted April 24, Stratos on the other hand kast out that Reggina and his daughter were in terrible danger and decided to come as soon mahia possible after a man was murdered in front of him.


Our Old Friends — Episode: A major concept of the series is the influence the past has on the present and the future. This remarked the beginning of new stories of mystery.

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Posted May 16, The life and work of Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos from his election in until It was all edsm a dream and the guy knocks on her door? Dora left Athens with her family, in an optimistic attempt to start over, having finally managed to mend her relationship with her ex-husband Antonis and her friends.

He has married Melita, daughter of big-shot lawyer Peter Ha, and he has a daughter.

But when two of them fall in love, their trip takes an unpredictable turn. Laat April 17, Share this post Link to post Share on other mtia. However, the charges were cleared when Stefanos was discovered to have been the mastermind behind many criminal actions, including a murderous attack against Elsa. In the third season, the storyline took place in Trikala where Reggina, Elsa, Andreas and Iakovos moved to start a new life.