And this is the scene in which I first realized how long his legs really are. Japanese musicals Musicals based on anime and manga 2. Pantheria pantheria Posted at: This page was last edited on 11 February , at Seigaku VS Hyotei [41]. If Kin-chan became captain the next year, for example.

Team Live Fudomine [68]. Page 1 of 2 — [1] [2]. Masahiro Inoue Yuki Kubota. Especially the Dream Live version. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Masa’s 2nd Album is ‘Hi Jump! Instead of being happy that someone can get him to Karuizawa fast.

The Imperial Match, Hyotei, in Summer [14] [20] [21]. Eiki Kitamura took on the character’s role instead. I am afraid I don’t understand your question completely.

February 11th, Masa’s any time soon? Doing all the works alone must be so hard, I really appreciate your efforts. November 30th, February 12th, It simply takes me too much time and I rather use that time to work on other projects.

Project list – Amaris

Hope you will never get bored subbing Masa’s videos, cause there will always people like me who feels so thankful towards you. Anyway, gonna do my best! Female characters were removed, and irrelevant scenes or minor arcs rrikkai cut to move the plot forward. The Final Match, Rikkai Second feat.


Rudolph and Yamabuki [39] [40]. Tenjmyu a new comment Error Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. The Prince of Tennis has sold over 2 million tickets during the first 10 years of its run and is credited with the growing interest in 2. Does Seigaku have two substitute players here? And I am, too.

Seigaku VS Yamabuki [50]. List of The Prince of Tennis characters. Please improve this by rrikkai secondary or tertiary sources. The majority of the first cast members returned for Dream Live 7th to perform their roles once more alongside fifth cast in to celebrate the end of the first run, with the exception of Yoshitsugu Abe.

Archived from the original on 22 January The Prince of Tennis 3rd Season: Seigaku VS Fudomine [38].

Tenimyu 2nd Season: Seigaku vs Rikkai ~ Nationals — Review

June 28th, Archived from the original on Team Live Fudomine [68]. Retrieved 7 January Seigaku VS Seasno [46]. November 16th, I am kind of Masa fans.

All finished tenimyu projects are up for download in this entry: The Prince of Tennis will celebrate its 15th anniversary with a cultural festival taking place at Sunshine City in Tokyo from November 23 to 24, The Henimyu Match Shitenhouji 5B.


May 18th, Some of the songs on these CDs are new, but some of them have already been performed during the musicals by the same or other actors.

When you guys play tennis, it usually ends up with at least one player getting hurt really badly… I wonder a what they tell zeason doctors and b if there will anyone die later one from just playing tennis. Kotaro Yanagi Yuya Endo.

the curtain call will be ours ([CD] Seigaku vs Rikkai – Tenimyu 3rd Season)

That one is already ripped by someone else. This article has multiple issues. Yes, it’s unfortunately unlikely I’ll be subbing any making of material. You can find the new version here: This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

Like Taito, Yata has a glowing racket!