But the show folks tried to squeeze so much in this season, including more than a few scenes that I thought could easily have been left on the cutting room floor. Wun Wun died I think his death is what made me feel hollow. Well, the fighting chaos part was good, sure. Did anyone else think this? Moreover, it went against what Jon and his officer allies did at the parley: Spoilers through season 6 of the walking dead follow. The Stark cavalry charges, following Jon.

Andy wants to say Sansa won the week but she absolutely caused all the death. OK we get it. A big heartfelt goodbye to Wun Wun and a big fucking bow and thank you to Ivan Rheon! The awardwinning series comes to a dramatic conclusion in the series finale. I am actually really interested to see how the exchange between Jon, Davos and Melisandre will go. The giant destroys a second gate this season, though he takes even more arrows and bolts for his efforts.

And Iwan, I will miss your crazy face. Season 11 Season Premiere:. The showrunners were brilliant for his post-rebirth-depression. Are they done with puberty? They contacted all the houses and went to those who said would receive them.

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I feel I need to put a disclaimer here bqng even just the tiniest criticism of Sansa on this website is enough for people to accuse you of hating the characterI do actually like her character now and this is not senseless sexist I am a woman and am delighted with the female empowerment this series attack on her character. This was a great episode. I will give you that she got some badass lines-directed at Ramsay in beginning episodee end But with Jon? I think Jon went into this fight with little hope for victory and placed little value on his life.


How do you put spoilers in your comment?

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They would not — they would be cowering in the city somewhere or fleeing into the hills. I keep the two completely separate. Next week has a lot of tying up the loose ends of both battles and hopefully the grovelling of other northern abng. The most satisfying act of violence ever has to be Ramsay and his hounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big bang theory season 5 episode 15 vidcav

Should Dany conquer Westeros? Wun Wun died I think his death is what made me feel hollow. The first one I noticed with this story was in episode one of Season One: It was chilling and suspenseful and ends it just complete and utter despair.

His character has developed this season although we could have been given more time to see it but it has been a downward slide. So I think the main problem is they are just not following their own story and rivet back to book plots is what makes this problems.

The intimate gnawing and the sound effects were excellent, though. He gets back up, drops his belt and prepares to blg what he probably assumes is his death. Watch the big bang theory season 1 episode 7 online sidereel.

Such a sweet puppy. This episode actually shows that how much they were stalling meereen arc and not writing anything worth.


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All I want is for the show to thrive. Most likely he means that some protagonists will die. It was predictable man, I was waiting for it to happen. Rickon dying, the Stark forces winning, the Vale coming to the rescue, Ramsay dying, etc. Apparently even death and resurrection were not enough to move his character forward.

Having listened to some of my friends who watched it last night free of spoilers, I kind of felt a bit envious. The visuals in the battle were so stunning and intense. The ultimate winner in this episode is LF.

If you like horror, you will love the walking dead series. Find where to watch episodes. Some disagreements can be seen happening in Winterfell!! OK we get it. Yeah Jon did some stupid shite but he just saw his youngest brother die.

She always wanted to be like her father….

And this mistake was in keeping with his character, with his blood, with his fucking family. This episode shows Jon as the foolish one and Sansa as the savior.

The season premiere aired monday, september 25, and the season finale aired thursday, may 10, Amen to the last part.