This drama was cute but, again, nothing really new or challenging from them. Tale of the Fox’s Child Korean Drama. Potato is back and better than ever. You naughty little thing, you L. Partners for Justice Korean Drama. Chicago Typewriter Korean Drama.

Oh My Ghostess Korean Drama. Then, more scandal breaks — this time the video, which has leaked online. Justice never got served! Btw, i loved the crazy bondage whipping scene also.. D got to go. Am totally with you. Win a Japanese Snack box today! But now when I think about the big picture and that metaphor swapping, I’ve decided to just go ahead and call them super-geniuses even if they did it on accident and not care about it anymore.

The Legendary Lackey Korean Special.

I know Im already mad, but last night I just went crazy. Oh My Venus Korean Drama.

Episode 16

MoMo Love Taiwanese Drama. Tale of the Fox’s Child Korean Drama. I agree with everything you said about dingdong. The Single Lawyer Thai Drama.

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I love Cha Seung-won, now. My Lady Korean Drama. See you on the other side of “happily ever after. Crows Zero Japanese Movie. At best, take that surgery angst as being the magnetic pull betwn two opposites, ‘cos if you were disappointed at that then maybe you’ll have another round of it real soon.

KimChi Drama!!!

Bel Ami Korean Drama. Pinocchio’s nose Korean Special.


Not only that it’s my no. He has really made Dokko Greafest one of the legendary characters of the K drama world. She baits him with the picture of him sweeping up awards at Cannes.

Ae-jung disagrees, though, calling that line of action a little weak: Maybe I read it wrong? After watching it, I wondered what all the hoopla was about re the Hong sisters. Of course, that would have cleared up IF Jin died and WHEN the video was shown however that would have been too much drama and too much crying for me if that scenario played out so I’m happy it simply moved forward and showed us their life after the real threat was gone.

Even if it’s just a little, at least that would make it believable if they end up together Like how I felt no sympathy for the Gumiho Hunter, and cried no tears over Shin-woo hyung. Sethe June 24, at 6: I really do appreciate all of your efforts at this site!

I actually saw something like this at Target of all places. Many thanks for fast recap. Five Enough Korean Drama. Yes, and I bet this is the Hong sisters’ commentary on the Korean entertainment industry. Thank You for the shoutout!

It finally starts to dawn on him the level of terror that Ae-jung will face. I didn’t know he could be so funny. Han Jin Hee Supporting Cast. That meant they couldn’t have it happen more than an thw or so away from the actual interview. Who goes abroad after open-heart surgery? Hahah but Cha Seungwon’s real personality is very much like Dok Kimchkdrama too!


This goes overheard by the worst possible person, however: Best love is my favorite K rom-com so far and might continue to remain for a long time, greqtest major reason why i will forever love k dramas.

Black Butler Japanese Movie. I thought it was a funny translation, LOL, but my sisters and I actually think of that line every time we see something tacky. Yes, Yoon Kimchidrsma is the perfect man.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in anything that I didn’t enjoy, and their chemistry here was fabulous. Grewtest you agree would you email us to tell us how to credit your work. My Rainy Days Japanese Movie. We love each other. And for the record, Best Love is easily my favorite. I cannot wait for the next Hong Sisters drama! Present Perfect Thai Movie.