Yeah, unfortunately there are people like that. That was just awesome. As Eun Sang walks past Young Do, he tells her to answer her own phone. ES is delivering something for the party. It makes zero sense and ES is seriously the worst heroine ever. YD also said yesterday that KT never gave Rachel false hope. Maybe it is different with HS, because it sounds like KT was with him or went to see him during or after his suicide attempt in the States. Nobody has to read my comments if they don’t wish to.

It would solve so many of our problems. Bo-na and Chan-young are still on the outs, and this time when Chan-young passes her by without a word, Bo-na calls out to him. Being such a young kid, KT has no power to say no to his “authoritarian and forceful” dad. On to your answers,: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But after today, seeing the way Tan helped Ye Seul, I think I can say that Tan has truly changed, realizing what he used to do before to bully other kids was wrong. Makes me think that it is HS who draws it… there was already a reference to the outline in one of the previous eps. So many feels, and so much to say.

You know, your explanations actually helped, a lot. She tearfully asks what happened. Tan says to beat him he lost the chance to meet his mom. How can a dad has no trust in his own sons? Mom says vramabeans his life as a threat is of no use anymore.

I am really hoping we are not going down the path of “Dead Poet Society” here. No girl mistreated like her should talk to a guy that passive-aggressive. He also wants JS to try to win over E again.

This episode was so enjoyable to watch! I’m so anxious now. Tan tells her not to cry over his secret coming out. KA comes out to greet R. We have this homework assignment for English and Tan and I are in the same group.


Did you tell on us? And the Myung-soo answer “She is, if Tan isn’t” is gold.

I love Tan and Eun-sang more every week, they are so adorable together. I hope we will still get the hug between the brothers later on…can’t stand it if evil dad wins.

Yoon informs Tan about his birthday stocks and what his dad has been doing with them. Whatever, this drama never makes that much sense so I’m not really surprised and YD always makes my day so yay?

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Eventually they break up and end up with someone else. What goes around come around. In k-dramas it is a standard trope, used over and over. And Won, who we were made to think was on the path to redemption, suddenly backtracked 4 episodes and was back to his mean self? BN gets mad, saying that is not what she means. YD tells Tan to stop dramabens he is an adult.

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Up to this point she has remained silent and only ever acted ddramabeans reactively whenever KT and ES is concerned. If they want to show real growth or “redemption” for Kim Woo-Bin, they should do it by having him actually do something to be a better person. Episode 15 was predictable, yet enjoyable. Lee Min Ho has been hit a lot huh in this drama?

Any romantic act he does, he undoes times 10 133 my eyes with his yelling and manhandling and helicoptering every time. I suppose I ought to thank Rachel for bringing it out of her, since she only seems capable of being feisty around her. For example 15 should read something like “you have to eat to be dramabeand, and you have to be alive to do anything”.

Spi November 22, at 3: He holds out his hand to her and tells her to be courageous. She tells them they will receive long-term punishment, doubled. I often reread comments to recaps, and I love it when a conversation started here, continues until it runs its course.


Wasn’t he dramabens at his house? On to your answers,: The “I did this to you” is so false, since only Do-jae could have decided to risk his life saving the old woman, and it actually takes away from his heroic sacrifice. Young-do has no plans to quit, ever, and explains that he lost his dramabaens opportunity to see his mother because he was fighting with Tan.

He can hear talking and its not the same gender voices. This drama is finally doing something right. Hello Ivana, Thank you for your responses: I actually prefer her over ES, not with Kim Tan shipping, but as a character. I agree that Se-kye overreacted in a big way.

But so is, taking a deep breath before acting. Kingkang’s barking at Do-jae while being all cuddly with Secretary Jung.

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When Tan shows up, Madam Han urges him to go home with her so drajabeans can beg his father to relent. The thing I am biased towards is cheating. Megumi November 28, at Rachel says the engagement is not ended but Yi Seul says the whole school saw Eun Sang and Tan holding hands. And she has gone downhill since then.

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She will do it by grades. Like aegyo-y, but he does it to Tan, too. I didn’t think he was going to rape her, but I was pleading out loud, “Please do not force-kiss her.