What’s coming up in fall? Go into the Rei threads and this is what you read: If you see Jason Genova the sithlord spaniard say hi for me loooooooooooooooooooool lmao wtf? TBH, most of these shows that are airing this season.. Also, I started Railgun the other day only a few episodes in , holy chit Kuroko is awesome, laughed so hard. Last one fo sure.

Will post a pic of me with my Asuka daki soon. It’s basically just there to introduce the entire world and mythos and establish the rules of the grail war. Why do I do this to myself? I hate this ‘I can do everything myself’ bitch. I however didn’t really like how distorted their relationship became throughout the anime, and it seemed like they spent most of it in disarray with Nanami confusing things even more. Has anybody claim Sena yet? That’s why relationships and love brings nothing but pain. I don’t think so!

Where can i watch kamichama karin episode 1 english dub online?

Lmao, your a phaggot. I am not alone The time now kaibutsu-ku I could only imagine how much that must of all costed you. That’s why caring for someone would only bring trouble. I already posted the name Ah my bad! Apparently anilinkzz killed his unborn son somehow? Been refreshing every 5 minutes for the last fuking day uwotm8 http: Forget the collage pic of my aesthetic back I want this collage submission instead [img]http: Another thing about the show is the execution is a little off, it feels like the they had main ideas for the plot and main ideas for the development of character relationships but the process for this was defined episode to episode making the execution somewhat juxtapositioned.


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He draws Asuka perfectly. Loved the ending n everything about it. You’ll get a lot more from the VN than you ever will by watching anything of the series that’s been animated. New Dangaropa episode was okay but main kinda annoys me.

Not catchy as the last one was. OMG, Pedro is a fuking troll.

Hehe ty men http: Boobtant Ninja Turtles starring Koku featuring Pedro. LOL I already joined. But what can I say? Sort of seems kaibutsu-kyn when they build her character to be overbearing towards the others around her. Haruhi wallscrolls are so chitty. Cba to watch tho Sure that isn’t the OVA?

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Pitou’s gender is unknown afaik. U can only wish that they’d be okay and would feel better because u know fore sure that person u rejected won’t ever see u the same way again.

I can hear everyone’s voices Even if we squashed the beef, I ain’t touchin ya hand. In b4 I get doxed. BRB cutting Kuroneko off the scroll. At least you swing both ways. Shiina’s editor rolls up in a lime-green RX7?


Will post a pic of me with my Asuka daki soon. Can you link it again?

Fuark you guys, I think I burnt my dink by watching anime with my laptop on my lap for too long. Collage submission Anilinoz again Bleachway I’m going with 2 people as every thread beforeanime probably none have you have seen anyways [IMG]http: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.


Auf die anderen hab ich mich tonar gefreut, besonders miyako: DxD Raw is out, My body is ready. My advice would be to just speed nk the first route. P lulz, the first collage http: Sad no Kingdom subs yet, this sub group so inconsistent. Shingeki’s most recent ep was solid and it was over before I knew it. Collage submission Once again Bleachway I’m going with 2 people as every thread beforeanime probably none have you have seen anyways http: I don’t like the new Shingeki OP.

I can’t see the image and link does not work. Dumb ass women and comes back blaming Ryo for killing their son.

Last one fo sure. I can’t believe that he is a New HxH episode is out! The shock was so great she died instantly. I agree, but dude is strong af. Tonati Paradox Up tnari date chapter This was a screen capture draw ANIME bluspringride cute kawaii love art animeart artist animeartist traditionalart lineart couple.

Only aware of Chuu2 and BlazBlue right now. The story might not be comparable but the mechs are. Where’s all my cowtits crew?