Login Forgot your password? Replace any loud decoys. Though most dove hunts take place on a feeding field like sunflowers, milo, maize or dove weed, watering holes can also be good. Everywhere and in every season, shooting hours end at official sunset. The decoys attract doves and give incoming birds something to look at so they’re less likely to spot a well-hidden hunter. Hide from birds by wearing clothing that blends with the environment, by standing or sitting in shade and by remaining still until it’s time to mount your gun and take the shot. Five dark geese, to include no more than two white-fronted geese, 20 light geese no possession limit on light geese Sandhill Crane Zone A: Hunters should be on the lookout for dove bands.

Oldenburger is the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s dove program leader. The best way to succeed is by walking directly to the spot where the dove fell, never taking your eyes off that spot. The youth age restriction for waterfowl hunting has also been changed to 16 years old, according to TPWD. The season calendar and framework for , as provided by TPWD, is below: He said information gained through the state’s dove-banding program supported the white-wing zone expansion. Measures, 81, has taught more Texans to shoot than any instructor other than the U.

There will also be a change in the opening date for sandhill cranes in Zone B. The only change in this year’s dove season occurs in the south zone, where the entire zone is open for the special white-winged dove season Sept. I’ve watched people shoot at birds that I was certain were 75 yards away. They work best if you place two or three stationary decoys on the ground near the spinner and maybe clip one or two to a standing sunflower stalk, a nearby perching limb or a wire fence.


Doves water more than once a day, however, and morning hunts can also produce steady shooting.

If the bird is not dead, it might just walk away. Another common violation is lack of a hunter safety certificate.

Populations have been up the last two years because of increased rainfall across the state. That record number includes mourning doves, white-winged doves, Eurasian collared doves and white-tipped doves. Wardens parked near a waterhole can easily tell when hunters are shooting after legal fove.

Texas Agriculture Daily

It’s the first time that dove season will be open statewide in early September. You license should say “HIP Certified.

Everywhere and in every season, shooting hours end at seazon sunset. During the general season in the special area, the aggregate bag limit is 15 with no more than two white-tipped doves.

They will check to see if you answered the Hunter Identification Program questions when you bought your license. Practice moving the gun up and down and side to side without the spot on your cheek changing. Scouting pays off in determining hot spots as some waterholes are ozne for dove hunting and some are not.

Your entire body should move with the gun. Unless you have a retrieving dog, be careful about shooting doves that fall in the water. In lieu of the metal Mojo stakes, veteran Tyler dove hunter Alan Haynes uses plastic stakes designed to hold electric livestock fences.

TPWD expands special white-winged dove area – Texas Farm Bureau

About qualified retrievers are expected to compete. More In Other Sports News. Pack extra batteries in your hunting gear and replace batteries when the wing action slows. In past years, the special white-winged dove season was restricted to South Texas. Distracted by flying birds, it’s easy notth lose your mark on the fallen dove. He spray paints the stakes a dull green color.


The season calendar and framework foras provided by TPWD, is below: Last season, Eeason adopted a day dove season, the longest season allowed by the U. It’s harder on a cloudy day.

Be careful about legal shooting hours. Fish and Wildlife Service estimated this year s mourning dove numbers at million. Regulations are different for the special white-winged dove season, with shooting hours zoone noon until sunset.

Proof of certification must be on your person while hunting.

Texas Dove Hunters Association – TPWD

Don’t shoot at birds that pass much beyond the decoy. Include a rubber mallet in your gear and use it to drive stakes into hard ground. He calls his technique “Shoot Where You Look. Two, possession limit six. Mourning doves remain the most numerous game birds in North America. Leon Measures said shooters can practice inside their homes for free.

Three, possession limit nine. They are small enough to be easily overlooked. Hunters eove be on the lookout for dove bands.

Also, the bird daily bag limit may include no more than two mourning doves and two white-tipped doves. Following the law is every dove hunter’s duty, dofe when the law doesn’t make much sense.