And I guess you could say that’s how I got started in this business. Submit Register Login To post a comment please register or login. Paycheck to paycheck, unfortunately. You got trash and stuff everywhere and clutter. He was a single father from the time I was six. Bob seems to be a little boring. Today, all of the employees have been called to Los Angeles. I thought I was here to do something for someone else.

And I appreciate that so much. Let’s get your suit on. Well, I guess, that’s right, yep. I was really impressed with Chris. And it’s really gonna make things easier for us. And that’s a second this is definitely a secondary entry and exit point.

My name’s John Wilson. Still, Muldoon said the experience was well worth all the hassles. And I wanna eventually finish my degree, continue.

You’ve been with Orkin about a year? Orkkin can choose how your name appears in your account. I know you are. What other kinds of pests do you encounter here? Nice to meet you.

Community Feb 24, I thank you very much. And I just found out yesterday that it’s a girl. Bob did well with the bees. I could smell that cockroach infestation, so I knew we were in for a battle. The last time I was in the field was when I was a regional manager, about 12 years ago.

He’s got it all. And I was also Bob. The president of Mississauga-based pest control company Orkin Canada said the experience of being on Undercover Boss Canada was great for business.


And I appreciate that so much.

undercovfr I’m gonna be testing Bob on how he reacts dealing with angry bees. You guys keep cleaning, and I’ll keep baiting. It’s quite a large hole. Through the good times and bad times. Her children are the most important thing. Anyone that’s that committed to his family, I believe we have a place for. You know, I’m the only one in my branch that’s a female.

And I used to be in the pest control division, but now I’m doing termite reinspections and inspections ’cause of the pregnancy. What that orjin is trying to do right there, he’s trying to get that dust off. So today we got several services and sales lined up.

Why is Orkin, the pest control company, still killing bees? UPDATED

Johnny, how are you? You know, I was really needing more stability in the job I had, and they wouldn’t give it to me. The next best thing for me, other than research, would be to work in pest control, which is a multibillion dollar industry.

We supply over 30 retail locations in B.

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And I’d love to find a thousand like him. II think you need to loosen up. It’s not in the nicest of areas, but the rent is reasonable. You need to loosen up. Do it again, it’ll have come out of his pocket. A branch sales inspector is able to analyze a situation, prescribe the solution, offer it to the customer, and implement that solution right on the spot.


But for his very first time, he’s doing a good job. I’ve been with Orkin for three years. He was not looking down as he was walking. We’re gonna take these off, and we’re gonna head to the next stop. You know, it’s about doing what you have to do to take care of your family in the moment. So how far oekin are you? You know, in talking to you, it was apparent to me that, you know, you’re really epispde to your family. So are you a single mom? When my father passed away, I was a division manager.

They’re starting to come out. So are you ready for our next adventure? You use this backpack every day? They’re in the pantries.

A lot of my communication is through email and speeches. Uh, we’re still having some activity.

The company’s service and training centre is also based in Mississauga and employs about 70 people. You got food debris on the countertops.

There’s things about it that are really rough, like, so many rules. Chris, I found this behind the sink here.