The Bismarck was a lively gun platform and the ship’s general behavior at sea was probably rather unpleasant, particularly in following seas, where rolling and yawing motions are coupled. Whatever the reason, the failure to “top off” Bismarck ‘s tanks was to prove to be a crucial omission. The two decks in the stern were wrecked by the force of the explosion, and equipment in the fantail area was seriously damaged as the gasjet expanded upward. With a large number of holes in the side armor and the after roof missing, the interior of the gunhouse is visible. Prince of Wales should have been the lead ship during the approach because of her heavier deck armor, better fire-control system and greater number of main battery guns forward. Bismarck had been decisively defeated by the gunfire from her British opponents. On the morning of 27 May Bismarck was surrounded by British forces consisting of battleships King George V ten inch guns and Rodney nine inch guns , battlecruiser Renown six inch guns , aircraft carrier Ark Royal , heavy cruisers Norfolk and Dorsetshire each with eight 8-inch guns , cruiser Sheffield and nine destroyers. If the Hood Board of Inquiry had convened with the evidence that is now available on German ordnance, the 8mm film clip taken by Paul Schmalenbach aboard Prinz Eugen and the tracks of the ships involved, it is our belief that it would have found the loss of Hood resulted from the following factors:.

Too low a GM results in a ship with less than desirable stability. Probably because no one knew which ship was the mightiest. The battle began at , commencing at a range of 20, meters, with the British ships firing first. The main deck was 50mm thick in way of the armored box. Maximum attention must be paid to protecting these key functions, by dispersion and by locating key elements below the waterline, for example. Slow flooding followed, caused by tears in welded joints and longitudinals and structural failures in transverse bulkheads.

There were three shell hits in bismark barbette of turret Dora. We know from survivors of Turret Caesar that the shock folm of this hit disabled the turret elevating and training machinery. Penetration of the mm vertical armor of the conning tower armor was possible by Rodney and King George Vespecially during the later stages of the action when the Bismarck was, to all intents and purposes, defenseless. It was going to be a different battle. We also would like to thank Messrs.

Statz, who viewed this damage from both the outside and inside, has indicated that the port side of the conning tower looked like “swiss cheese. This shell defeated the side protective system and exploded against the 45mm torpedo bulkhead. Although none of the 16 torpedoes fired by British destroyers hit Bismarcktheir active presence did cause her to fire her mm and mm guns and wore down the stamina and morale of her crew. We are often asked how Bismarck or Tirpitz would fare against an Iowa -class battleship.


One survivor remarked that several of Bismarck ‘s turrets were hit by inch shells from Rodney and that the vversenkt guns still could be fired, although the turrets could not be trained. Kai-PetriDec 15, This sighting led to a massive redeployment of British warships in the Atlantic. The need to provide clearance for the centerline propeller also resulted in a longer than usual overhang in which the weights of the bis,arck, steering gear and the protective armor for the steering gear eie located.

From this space, it was possible to command the ship independently of the Forward Command Tower. A more precise analysis is impossible, due to the substantial portion of the superstructure that is missing and the absence of the four main battery turrets, all of which diw buried in the sediments around the battleship.

I wrote my first Thesis on the BofNA. It will probably never be possible to determine with more accuracy the performance of the battleship’s side protective system during her sortie into the North Atlantic.

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Josef Statz, the gunfire of Dorsetshire was devastatingly accurate, smashing gun mounts, gouging into armor, ripping away light plating and sweeping away debris left by hits from the battleships. This is the only reason why I just took some of them from Prinz Eugen, Und die war so, wie sie war aufgrund der Gegebenheiten.

The longest range hit ever actually achieved was in July at the Battle of Calabria, where HMS Warspite — using her year old inch Mk In guns, hit the Guilio Cesare at a range of 23, metres. Unfortunately, this cruiser’s presence in the area of the Bismarck was not made known to the British aviators aboard Ark Royal and the first attack by Ark Royal aircraft was made on Sheffield instead of Bismarck.

Navy doctrine in the period leading up to World War II was to attain great gun accuracy at long range, for that is where American admirals wanted American battleships to engage a potential foe. The Bismarck episode has shown that auxiliary steering devices for warships are desirable attributes if space and weight are available and if the systems can be made moderately effective.

Even the pieces were flamecutted from the armor produced in the pieces are showing a slightly better better performance, than average british armor of Later in the day, Scandinavia was also rocked by tragedy. All three, one of them a non-swimmer, were happily rescued, but then an aircraft alert forced the crew to hurry up and the partially unconscious survivors were nearly thrown through the hatch and the U-boat submerged. It saved Allied lives.


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Statz has indicated fillm listing was at 15 degrees when he jumped into the sea at Admiral John Tovey requested that the resulting lines of bearing be sent folm King George Vwhere they were mistakenly plotted on a Mercator chart, rather than the gnomonic chart which was required to plot such lines of bearing correctly. First, the German mission had been compromised by the chance meeting with the Gotland on 20 May, dashing whatever chances the Germans may have had for an undetected passage to the North Sea.

Lighting and shadow effects make analysis of imagery of this area difficult.

The authors were aware of the severity of the fil in the stern end from correspondence with Wilhelm Schmidt, who was the leader of the damage control team aft and from testimony of British observers aboard Rodney. This large metacentric height, as compared to that of contemporary battleships Table 2was a function of the bismarci stability and low silhouette desired by the Germans.

Some nice pics I suddenly found in the net: We especially want to thank our illustrator, Mr. Bismarck ‘s “Seetakt” radar was put out of order by the shock or blast from her mm guns. Unknown to the German planners, a number of recent developments increased the risks confronting their surface forces.

To je bio odred brodova koji se sastojao od novog bojnog broda Prince of Walesi ostarjele bojne krstarice HMS Hoodkojima je zapovijedao kontraadmiral Lancelot Holland. If you would like to present your views on this subject, I suggest that you do so fklm another theme.

Hello everybody, Sarkas, you wrote: Several of the latter were found in the debris field. Many shells ricocheted off the 50mm main deck armor and there were a few penetrations of the deck armor. If you are looking for advanced SEO keyword search tool to analyze your website rankings and top organic keywords, then visit Clear Web Stats. Ford was born July 30,on Not Applicable Facebook Likes: Bsmarck I have gotten from Bismarck: