Amanda Blake Amanda Blake 19 1. Click “Advanced Settings” Move the Delay into the minus if the subtitles are too fast. You can keep pressing it for as many times as you want. Convert to optimized preset for almost all of the devices. By the way, did you know that VLC can record desktop screen? To speed up a subtitle: However, have you ever meet such situation that VLC video lagging or the subtitles of your playing movie either later or faster than the scene. And that is where the problem arises.

It also works great with external subtitles. The speed of subtitles is normally adjusted to the video. Want to synchronize subtitles with movie at one go? Here you can adjust the subtitle speed in VLC and get solution to rectify the subtitle synchronization. October 25, at 3: In case, your subtitles are ahead of the video, you need to delay it by the approximate time; while, in case you are having the subtitles behind your video streaming, just move it quicker by the amount of time, you are feeling. In addition to this, many people use subtitles to be familiar with an unknown language. The best way to synchronize your subtitles is not via VLC tho it is possible.

You can easily add and remove subtitles or choose between subtitle files if you have more than one. Sign up using Facebook. Peter Mortensen 8, 16 61 Want to permanently fix subtitle delay issue? Open a video, tap on the screen and follow shortxut steps: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Accept Reject Read More.

Use big numbers at first, e.

How can I re-sync the subtitle and the video using VLC media player? – Super User

The movie and the file may vlx be in synchronization i. Free HD Video Converter Factory supports to add subtitles to your movie which enables to sync subtitles with movie permanently. The speed of subtitles is normally adjusted to the video.


You will have to press the G or H keys to fix the subtitle syncing. You can easily delay or speed up subtitles to match it with the spoken words subtites a video. It also supports compress video size, download online videos, video trimming, cutting, etc. And then it will pop up a dialog box directly. Check the “Use a subtitle file” Box.

So to shift the subtitle of 3 second you can run vlc with the following command line. You may wonder how to adjust subtitles in VLC through a more accurate way. Minus values speed up subtitle and vice versa; Hit OK then hit Open. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you subtitlws that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

VLC is a powerful media player which is favored many people. Also, this problem occurs when the subtitle is written in a bad manner.

How to Adjust/Sync VLC Subtitle Delay

G was for audio track. My choice for a good subtitles experience is VLC Media player. If you think that you need to speed up the subtitle, just press G. Before moving further, first you should know how to use subtitles files. If your subtitles are synced to a version of the film that happens to play a little faster or slower try downloading multiple versions of something and comparing how they play to see if they play at the exact same speed, especially something that has been released in multiple versionsa speed option can be a permanent fix that keeps you from having to constantly adjust the position of the words every 30 seconds if they go out of sync.

I have such an experience! The adjustment of the subtitles mentioned above on both the platforms are just temporary and vvlc the sync done, will be gone the next time, you open the same video. For this use the G key on your keyboard.


Adjust/Sync VLC Subtitle Delay

In a similar way acts the option –sub-fps that override the normal fps. You can also just press H and G while the video is running to align the subtitles backward and forward in time; for the voice use J and K. Adjustment of Subtitles Delay on Mac Part 1.

No matter what value I set the subtitles run always at the same speed. But VLC media player has an easy fix for it. Pressing these shortcuts keys will delay or shorctut the subtitles by 50 ms. Just click on the refresh sign and you are done subtiitles it.

Please log in again. Click the File Menu. If the subtitle of your movie is 2 subtitlds slower than the movie, you should input a negative figure Apart from Linux, I love classic detective mysteries. Subtitles are the way to the great help, in case we are in need for some genuine help.

In both the instances, you are going to have the subtitles adjusted to the best, so that you do not feel any difficulty while watching your video. To permanently synchronize subtitles you would need to use tools like SubtitleWorkshop and through that tool you can easily edit subtitles the way you want, even set first and last spoken like sgortcut subtitles even with more accuracy.