Audible Download Audio Books. In the hospital, Caroline and Stefan realize that Colin is a vampire but is not cured of his cancer. Learn how your comment data is processed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bonnie doesn’t want to give him the Ascendant and convinces Damon that the cure is not the right solution for Elena. Elena reassures him that she is fine and that Elijah is with her, asking Stefan to trust her and let her do what she thinks best. So that Alaric can compel her to forget she ever loved Damon, Elena has to admit the moment she first realized she loved him.

Hopefully we will find out in the next episode. Kiera relents and takes the garment bag and gives Dillon the hard drive. Search for ” The Beat ” on Amazon. Meanwhile, Damon is struggling to write Liz a eulogy and is having flashbacks to his mother’s funeral. Matt tries and help her friend by taking time with Lily, but soon Enzo arrives and has a chat with her. Still reeling from Enzo murdering his girlfriend Ivy, Stefan compels his boss at the auto repair shop to give him a few days off so that he can hunt him down. Stefan rescues Damon and Enzo and later on meets Caroline, who tells him she does not want to be friends anymore.

Brown, the longest-serving female officer on the force — up for a promotion any day. The Vampire Diaries episode. Julian says that it is better to do what he is doing than trying to be a man. Dillon tells Carlos that he can still do good things for people. Share this Rating Title: On the way Stefan goes to the art exhibition held by his niece, the true Sarah Nelson, but he is followed by Enzo.

Enzo calls Matt and threatens to kill Jeremy, who he has pinned down, unless Matt takes Sarah to a certain tunnel. Alaric and Jeremy come in to save Jo just in time and they decide to keep Kai under seasno. Meanwhile, Kai kills a cab driver and once he arrives in Mystic Falls he finds Liv.


Awards and nominations Novel series L. In the present day, Kai kidnaps Jo and with Liv and Luke’s help, he locates the knife where Jo had hidden her magic and forces Jo to take it back by stabbing her, but she tells him that for that to work she has to be willing to do it because she zeason it there also willingly.

Enzo turns on Matt telling him that he will let him live if he helps him take away all things epizode makes Stefan happy. Stefan thr up the next morning and discovers that Elijah’s body is gone while at the same time, Klaus needs his real body and asks Maddox Gino Anthony Pesi to take care of it.

Before receiving the text, Alec and Kiera are looking over the schematics of the Future Soldiers armor and discussing that future that Brad comes from that is filled with anarchy. The episode ends with the patient slowly dying in a brutal way, just while Liz is drinking Caroline’s blood, with whom she now believes can be saved.

In a surprising turn of events it is revealed that Kai is Jo’s twin brother, Luke and Neat are both siblings to them and stem from the same family. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Shortly after Kiera leaves, Alec decides to take matters in his own hands and leaves to save Emily.

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Kiera also gives the pen that Alec wanted from the Future Soldiers so he can take it apart and examine. Stefan realizes that what he feels for Caroline could turn into something deeper and goes to her house, but he sees Elena lying on the ground. Retrieved May 1, After an awkward run-in epsode Jo at the hospital, Alaric episodee in to help Jeremy get his life together and cope with the loss of Bonnie.


With epiosde of their humanities off, Caroline and Stefan feed on a girl and afterwards have sex. Retrieved February 20, Meanwhile, Liz realizes that the events surrounding the Gilberts’ accident were natural and that she had been hoping for a supernatural reason so she could have someone to blame.

Alec mentions also preventing Kellogg from time travelling, a statement that surprises Garza but he manages to pass it off.

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Email required Address never made public. Jenna Sara Canning returns home after all the messages “Elena” left her about staying away from Alaric and calls Stefan to ask what is wrong. Meanwhile, Elena and Damon are having a pleasant morning. After Rebekah believes her brother is dead, she decides to kill Alaric, which means killing Elena. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved March 14, When they are about to go back to real time, Kai gets left behind because Bonnie wants him to feel loneliness.

Travis and Garza are there too waiting for the right moment to spring their plan into action to kill Kellogg and too bad so sad that Kiera will be caught in the cross wire. However, Liv is abducted by her brother, Luke who comes to take her home.