Wansapanataym Classics is a re-run of past episodes from to It revolves around the life of Eric, a disobedient young boy who doesn’t want to be controlled by others. The ghost is able to go to heaven, and the teenager who wore the shoes is healed. When she had already saw her mother, Inday goes back to the market to compete against her mother’s gay son. It is up to Ken to help Monica get her self-confidence and her to lift his curse. Leny’s spirit enters her doll and starts to haunt her sister. I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Jabar wants a dowry to his daughter, so he ask Alito have a half-million cash. In the end, Star learns to forgive. When they received a magic chocolate with a genie, they wished to have more chocolate. Ely is turned into lechon roasted pig , Enzo is turned into a queso de bola , Mon is turned into hamon , and they become the Noche Buena Gang, a trio of superheroes. Mitch, is a good witch who use her power to help others. Jao helped them reunite with his abilities. Will he finally understand and believe in Christmas when he experiences to do Santa Claus’ duties? Yayo is a young girl with asthma who needed to go to a remote part of her province to cure her illness.

After Carl fixed it, he started talking to the car. In retaliation, the dwarf curses Mario’s girlfriend Lilian with a wandapanataym illness. Boyong drinks the transformation toych to keep his human form. Because of her parents’ lack of attention to her, Ylia is ready to prove herself and do everything to feel the love of her family.

When she was already seventeen, she decided to go to the city to find the woman but she accidentally turned her mother into one of the statues. This is the list of programs that are being broadcast by Yey!

Era is a young girl who longs for the attention and time of her busy mother Mila. The theme song was changed in and is sung by Nyoy Volante until ; this version is also currently used in the revival. At the end, it turns out that it was only a dream all along. Her mother only wants to have a normal life away from their powers but Mitch disobeyed her mother to use her magic powers for her own sake and seek vengeance. Jessy’s younger sister Megan was born in Mexico, where her parents reconciled but eventually separated again for unknown reasons.


All along, Galela thought that her child with Zuma was dead. Eventually, Star becomes selfish and starts using the box to exact revenge on Mylene Gladys Reyeswho refused to help her family in time of their need. It has become the longest-running drama anthology in Philippine television and in the world,[1] reaching its 25th year in Kikay transforms into Super K and dives into the ocean to get the magical pearl. Will he ask forgiveness from his family before time runs out?

Palimos Ng Pag-ibig Ma History The series was launched inthen was moved to a weekend primetime slot until February 27,having genre similarities with the ABS-CBN Foundation-produced education program Hiraya Manawari which features Filipino short stories for children and the s series, Pinoy Fantasy.

Despite of the expensive toys and clothes that she has provided, will Joanna realize the greater importance of giving time for her own son?

Xyriel Meets a Magical Fairy Doll in ‘Wansapanataym’

After her training, Dong Pagong instructed her to get the magical pearl and bring it to their land to prevent the giant octopus from finding it in the ocean. Ali Enchong Deeis a lower class boy who sells mats beside a hardware enterprise. Replay of episode 90 Cast: Booboo who will give her a magical remote control that will enable her to fast forward time and escape from doing her school works.

A Mother’s Day presentation. When a typhoon was reported to be hitting their area, Lino chooses to play with his friends instead of obeying his father’s instruction to join the preparation for the upcoming tragedy.

In the end, Star learns to forgive. A story that values love of the family, Minnie, Edison, and Benson’s story will teach everyone the importance of hard work and the dangerous effects of abusing one’s power. What will Shaggy do when he personally meets the person he thought was unreal?


Aris Xian Lim falls mitps love with Venus’ good looks. He is always reminded by his parents to do come home. Unknown to him, Lucresia holds a dark secret that will teach him a lesson he will never forget.

Member feedback about Xian Lim: She uses a magical ointment to rub on her face wahsapanataym turned her into Mylene Jessie Mendiola.

Xyriel Manabat’s Wansapanataym, PH No. 1 Weekend TV Program | BIDA KAPAMILYA

When he gets hold of a magic wand, Diego uses it to hide his mother and father, which goes horribly wrong. Beauty Is the Beast Ningning Mariel Rodriguez is a model who likes her new neighbor Roy Rafael Rosell who is a veterinarian. Will Badong finally realize the real value of helping others when he puts the lives of his whole town at risk?

Tonton is a young boy who is fond of eating junk food and skipping meals. Danillo Barrios, Jodi Sta. Karina Toni Gonzaga is a young woman who dislikes Christmas because her family was separated and she was left alone with their maid. It was announced in June that Orquia was to reprise her role as Abby in a theatrical adaptation of Be Careful With My Heart, which was to be included in the Metro Manila Film Festival, but was later scrapped The ghost is able to wansapanatyam to heaven, and the teenager who wore the shoes wansapahataym healed.

However, her new-found beauty will cause her loved ones despair as Maisa will become vain, arrogant, and insensitive, especially to her family. She has two bro Star Julia Montes unexpectedly receives a box that grants all her wishes.