Professor Farnsworth invents a button that can take a person 10 seconds back in time, which complicates Fry’s plans to finally marry Leela. Futurama S3E4 – Parasites Lost. Retrieved August 19, But thanks for the yucky-tori. It’s an insult to my Japanese heritage. Like, it’s basketball superstar Larry Bird! How am I going to fill my hungry stomach?

Archived from the original on Leela is horrified when her mother divorces her father — and begins dating Zapp Brannigan. Where can we find food here in the woods? Futurama S7E25 – Stench and Stenchibility. You’re such a lousy mascot. February 2, [37]. Retrieved July 26,

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Futurama S7E12 – 31st Century Fox. It doesn’t seem to correspond to anything funny happening. In a reverse parody of E. Bender fights for the rights of robot foxes after finding out that robot foxes are being hunted for sport.

Futurama S3E13 – Bendin’ in the Wind. Futurama S5E14 – Obsoletely Fabulous. Follow me to the Professor’s cloning room.

Nice to meet you, Larry Bird. Cloning is a sin against nature!

Futurama S6E17 – Law and Oracle. What is it that’s been haunting us, Zoidberg?

Futurama S07E19 Saturday Morning Fun Pit

But I wasn’t injured. Bendee, Bendee-Boo, what’s wrong with you? Like, where there’s a Kabuki Theater, there’s a concession stand. The Planet Express crew enter Fry’s dreams and find themselves back s07s19 the year in search of a mysterious alien song. The Professor is deeply disturbed when Fry reunites him with his long-lost parents, whom he blames for not spending time with him.


How am I going to fill my hungry stomach?

Calculon who died in “Thief of Baghead” is backed up and put into the body of a new robot so he can return to All My Circuitsonly to learn that his over-the-top acting was never appreciated. Fry and Leela’s romantic vacation goes south when Leela’s prior boyfriend, Sean who has been mentioned before this episode, but not seendrops by.

Retrieved September 5, Perhaps you can make sense of the You’re such a lousy mascot.

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July s07e9, [32]. What are you Globetrotters doing here? Bender meets his hero, Silicon Red, a folk singer who has been in jail 30 times, during a convict transport, and uses a wireless 3D printer to duplicate his guitar, but the wireless connection between Bender’s brain and the 3D printer turns his folk song about an angry space railbot hunting down Bender into a reality. Listen, my Agent sent me that cartoon script, and I’ve decided I don’t want to be involved in any way.


Amy, Bender and Zoidberg have to rescue Fry and Leela from their vacation spot which is an intergalactic watcu.

Views Read Edit View history. I’m awarding you the purple heart. Where can we find food here in the woods?

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Archived from the original on January 16, This is America, not Japan. Ah, my Uncle Fry and his mystery-solving friends. Futurama S6E26 – Reincarnation.

Bender joins the paparazzi and attempts to photograph a famous actor whose face has to be hidden for the good of mankind.