Fitz; Hanna and Caleb kiss; the police come after the girls at the end with some questions. Toby, Jenna’s stepbrother, has come back to school. The girls block e-mails and text messages from all unknown users in an attempt to stop “A,” but their problems are far from over. Retrieved June 9, Aria’s brother, Mike, doesn’t take it very well that his parents are separating, which leads to him fighting in school after his mother decides to not watch his game, as Mike and Aria’s father will be there. Emily’s mom finds drugs in Maya’s bag, and brings the bag to Maya’s parents, thus sending her to juvie. Aria begins to develop feelings for Noel, which complicates her relationship with Ezra even more, until Ezra admits his feelings for her and they kiss with Hanna watching as she keeps post to find out who “A” is. And at the end of the episode, Lucas tries to tell Hanna something.

As the heat is turned up on the suspicions surrounding Spencer, the girls must come to the reality that they aren’t the only ones hiding secrets in Rosewood. Meanwhile, Spencer turns to Ali’s brother, Jason, for information about the night they believe Alison died, only to have to face part of her unpleasant past with Ali. In other projects Wikiquote. She tells the girls it was Noel Kahn because she saw him write ‘I see you’ on the back on Ezra’s car while Aria and Ezra were kissing. Or could this be just another game “A” is playing with them? She sees Jenna at the office building wearing the same lipstick, just like the writing on Spencer’s mirror.

The show went on hiatus and returned with its winter premiere on January 3,with 4. But the girls are starting to question if the person who killed Alison and ‘A’ are two different people. And as an important littke of property goes missing, Spencer finds being in close quarters with her new brother-in-law, Ian, more difficult than ever. Aria discovers that Ezra was once engaged to a girl in college called Jackie Qatch.


Maya has moved in with Emily for few days and Emily feels herself attracted to her, which makes her feel guilty because she has a boyfriend Ben. Fitz; Hanna and Caleb kiss; the police come after the girls at the end with some questions.

Retrieved April 4, Eatch last, A has littlr one more creepy message to deliver to the girls, which makes them assume that Toby might be dead. Due to the Marin’s financial problems, Hanna’s credit card gets declined, so she decides to put a lot of her old clothes and handbags up for auction online with the help of new ally Lucas.

Retrieved October 15, The girls find out that ‘A’ wrote on Hanna’s leg cast which is, “Sorry for losing my temper, my bad,” which could have been anyone who entered Hanna’s room while she was asleep.

Also Lucas admits his feelings for Hanna, but is both angry and heartbroken when she tells him she only likes him as a friend, and tells her that she deserves a better boyfriend than Sean.

A hooded prftty arrives and pushes Ian off the tower, seemingly killing him. When she gets home the cops are there, the secret is revealed that s10e23 and Ian were hooking up.

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Four cages are shown in ‘A’s’ house with a rat in each of them with the name of the Liars. With the cops now demanding answers from Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, will the girls come clean about “A,” or are some secrets better left buried? Emily is still confused about Toby and her kiss with Maya.

Retrieved February 15, Aria’s mother has a get together with all of the teachers, but Aria is shocked to see Ezra’s past love show up. She quickly leaves saying, “Don’t ,iars.


Retrieved March 9, But with everything pointing to Ian, how could the girls be wrong?

Emily finds the storage locker key in a snow globe Ali gave her. Hanna is now in the hospital and remembers who A is. Retrieved July 8, Emily can only think of Maya and is desperate to speak to her — so much so that she enlists the help of Caleb, the new bad boy in the school.

Toby, Jenna’s stepbrother, has come back to school. Retrieved July 14, The girls receive another text: Her prehty bracelet brings the girls to think Ian killed Ali. Webarchive template wayback links Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter.

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With the information from the flash drive, the girls decide that it’s time to finally put an end to “A” and the mystery surrounding Alison. Retrieved May 30, Spencer finds out some more information about Ian, Melissa, and Alison at Hilton Head while preparing for the festival; and lithle supposed to meet up with Toby but someone traps Spencer in the funhouse.

Ian rescues her, and Spencer unites with Toby and they share a kiss. Emily reveals a secret after she’s accused of killing Alison. Hanna has to work in a dentist office to pay for the damage she did to Sean’s car and gets some new information from A about one of her friends. This page was last edited on 9 Februaryat