Once the dialectical affinity between the mdna and the ism has been clarified, the pivotal question with which the treatise opened arises again: The knowledge of these two names 51b Is given to the people of erudition, so that they may distinguish between eternity and the eternal, everlastingness and everlasting, preexistent and creator, name and giver of names, messenger and sender, power and omnipotent. Paris Bibliotheque Nationalc , fonds arabe , pp. Such elements include the consecration of bread in addition to wine in the Mass, and their connection to the cucha- ristic words ofjesus. Hasan al-QadT al-Qatfl d. He then bowed down. Then follow the jaGms of our master!

This catechism appears in the present volume with translation. Hence his appellation ma’na mathati , i. He will appear without veiling [himself] at the end of time, in glory and great splendour, and will redeem the souls of the believers from their graves, which are their garments of flesh and blood, and make them reside in the eternal lights. O my master, if it [the irm] is formed then it is created. His father and ancestry in the external [appearance] arc unknown. Dussaud, Hisloire el religion des Nosairis Paris, , pp.

Other, exter- 24 For a possibly positive religious attitude toward physical union between the sexes expressed in Druze wiladaa, sec dc Sacy, Expose de la religion des Druzes, vol. This tradition is traced to al-K. Found 59 result s for: A short discussion of this epist e is also included in al-Harlri, al-Jsusaynyyun al-alawiyyun, pp.

This use of the term nafiq is rare as far as we can judge. Literally, the term muqafsira in Shf! O my master, if the light is a single light, why did it [the ma’na] kindle in the revelation two separate lights with two isms and two attributes?

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He [Abu Shu’ayb] said: On thus festival, see below, chap. AbT Talib, is God, how was it that he took a human nature? Halm, Die Schia Darmstadt,pp. I0 ‘ Mjn, pp. Khwsira of the Catechism. Sec below, note However, the author advocates a monistic providential stance to Ibid. The light is the intermediary between these two entities and is actually a certain aspect of the ism. Sec the discussion in chap. In a list of the treatises of the codex appended by the copyist, our treatise is entitled Risalat Abl Abd Wlada b.


He will subsequently attain happiness al-ndxm and perfect gnosis. The various heavenly luminary veils hujub belong to the hijab of the Epjsode and the Holy Spirit hijab al-ibn wa-l-ruh. After the Fall from the divine realm of light God sent prophets to His elect to convey the divine truth. We are immensely grateful to Etan Kohlberg and Sarah Stroumsa, who read a draft of this study and made insightful suggestions. The title of this treatise— kitdb al-ufayjvr —seems somewhat odd.

Each person in the trinity has both an internal and an external side.

The author does not develop this concept and only mentions it in passing. On that day the son of his Hilall midwife fell down [into the wellj. The maidservant pointed out that al-QummT taught, in the name of khaasira Imam, that this day, the ninth of Rabf al-Awwal, was the most important of all ShfT holy days.

See also Bakina, pp. They show Salman the signs of their wounds and killing. God exalted Christ, the spirit and word of God from every inferior being, and he returned to the divine luminescence and omnipotent glory wa-nazzaha allah al-maslha ruhahu wa-kalimatahu ‘an kulli daniyya wa-‘ada ila l-nuraniyya l-ilahiyya wa-l-jaldl al-jabarutiyya[!

Night 1 Ramadan Taraweeh by Sheikh Sudais 4 years ago. The English translation is taken from A.

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He who has attained and perceived this teaching is rewarded, holds his book in his right hand and crosses the sirat. Thcodoret of Cyrus, Ecclesiastical History.


The fast of Ramadan is essentially regarded as abstinence from speech rather than from food. O my master, how is it so?

God, however, denounced them as liars in His words Q. The Arabic Text of the Catechism.

Hagiographies medieiales comparers, edited by D. Islam is knowledge of the wati; man is knowledge of the end ghayaand truth haqq is knowledge of what lies beyond the end. However, certain names do not fit within any category. It is the earth. However, the fact that the author does not specify the nature of these obligations may indicate that his statement reflects a precautionary dissimulation— namely, that Muslim commandments, such as those mentioned here, are not actually performed in khxsira normative Muslim manner.

Bathed and adorned, the believers should gather, verifying that no adversaries, children, slaves, or female servants are present. Following this assertion the author concludes further that the Jews erroneously conceived of the divine essence as being identical with the demonic essence.

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He is their Lord, and they have no path leading to the Absence ghayb. Paris, arabepp. AI believe, excepted. Elsewhere he also declares, paradoxically, that no one can describe, nor even apply negative theology to the esoteric aspect of the tna’na Idyumkinu li-ahadan!

Paris, Arabep. May the best prayer and peace be upon them.

The lower bdb is thus the threshold of entry for the Nusayri gnostic in his mystical quest. The ma’na first creates the upper worlds, of which the author says nothing.