Jana comes to back to school on the full moon and causes trouble on her first day. Selina competes in the taekwondo fight of her life and in doing so makes an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, groups of girls and boys squabble over tickets to a football match. Look, this is really important to me. During a sleepover with her friends at Shannon’s, Maddy has a cold, so Shannon gives her a herb pill to make her better. Wolfblood – Season 1 Episode 11 – Eolas. Rhydian’s past catches up with him and his world completely changes with a new arrival in Stoneybridge.

He is chased by three wolves from the wild, led by Alric, who wants to take him back to the wild. Jana wants them to be given a decent burial and Maddy and Rhydian steal them to be buried. In the end, Jana leaves with Ceri for the wild pack. After getting some encouragement from Bernie, he tries to ask her out, but when he sees her in the dark room, she is face to face arguing with Rhydian, but to him it looks as if they are about to kiss. The pack discuss what they all saw, and Tom later accidentally fires a serum at himself while messing around with the device. Tom and Shannon race up the stairs after them and Rhydian fabricates a lie that Maddy’s being sick.

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At school, Maddy and Rhydian face the wild wolfbloods with the help of Tom and Shannon and they leave without him. I’m closing the whole site down.

It’s the day of wollfblood dark moon, and Maddy and Rhydian have lost all of episoce wolfblood powers. At the same time Shannon, anxious for evidence of wolves so that they can be protected, uses a chemical wolf bait to attract them.


A scent engineered at a cellular level 0: However, after sad farewells have been made, Shannon realises the importance of not betraying the Wolfbloods and hands all her evidence over to Maddy. Edit Did You Know?


Aran comes back, saying that woofblood pack has left the territory, and Meinir has taken over. Although this kiss is missing from the version shown in the US, Tom does embrace Shannon in an affectionate way.

Jefferies seeing his eyes change yellow. Written irresisfible don minifie Edit Cast Episode cast overview: He shares the secret with Maddy, who runs off joyously using her new skills without thinking, and she ends up getting into serious trouble.

Wolfblood S1 Irresistible – HBO Family

In more happier events, Tom and Shannon finally kiss, leaving thought as to whether they will become a couple. Teenager Maddy Smith tries to live an ordinary life, despite hiding an extraordinary secret – even from her closest friends. Tom Okanawe Louisa Connolly-Burnham But a secret like that! The pack have to find a way to save Jana before it is too late. Neither of them believe it, Tom is jealous of Rhydian, and Shannon thinks she’s just doing it for attention from the boys.

An online animated motion comic known as Wolfblood Alphawhich is in three parts, takes place after the fourth series. TJ falls sick with a mystery illness. Aran and Meiner have come out from the wild, and Meiner is just not the same anymore.

Matei returns to the den to seek Jana’s help in convincing Emilia that her vision of Blydissiad is false. Rhydian, Shannon and Tom face a new future and Dr. Irresistible 22 Oct 8. Jana makes the shock decision that this will be her last full moon in the city. What Makes an Ironman Irresistible? We know the truth.

epsiode Shannon says that they could try the Occam’s Razor theory, which is that the simplest explanation is usually the right explanation.


I love to watch the last episode from 1st season, but why did Rhydian had to left: Him and Kay start going back out again. With Rhydian and Shannon still at odds, a meteor shower falls on a dark moon.

Ollie, Rhydian’s foster brother, follows Jana and Rhydian and almost discovers the secret. Maddy, Shannon, Tom and Maddy’s parents are on their way to a theme park, but their car breaks down and they stumble across a home of werewolf hunters who believe all of them are werewolves.

Add the video to your site with the embed code above. Meanwhile, Kyle and crew make preparations to capture ‘the beast’ in a large box using multiple kinds of bait, while Kyle’s documentarian films the process.

Rhydian tries desperately to restrain her before she gets found out, dragging her upstairs and locking themselves in so he can show Maddy her reflection. The chemicals make people see things Alric visits Jana and tells her the wild pack will punish Rhydian themselves if he does not come back to the pack to beg for mercy, and Rhydian decides to go through with it, only so he can see his family and Jana again. Whitewood work together to wake them all up, succeeding in the process. A ragged small boy, Bryn, approaches Rhydian in the wood, claiming to be his brother Bryn and asking him to return to Ceri and the pack though Rhydian is reluctant.

Kyle successfully takes both of them down, then decides to take them to sell, thinking they’re normal wolves thought to be extinct in Britain.