But between the years and , the proportion of translated cinema novels showed a sudden increase, which also designated the heyday of cinema novels within the limits of this study. Thus, one may analyze the translation process according to the techniques used in the transfer of the different elements belonging to each code. Himself – Guest 1 episode, But it is important to consider the factor of censorship active in a target culture repertoire. Lena Hamaida explores whether subtitling process governs the communicative meaning of the colloquial sentence structures and analyzes a French film as a case study following the other examples. However, my search for cinema novels which were published with the influence of the films, whether indigeneous or translated, caused a problem immediately because none of the library catalogues include a category under which cinema novels are gathered. It can be shown as follows:

Although a very brief commentary is presented on the subject, it is crucial enough to form opinions on the history of cinema novels between the years and in Turkey. Himself America at the Movies He divides the history into 3 periods: The time frame chosen for the databases, which will be analyzed in detail in Chapter 3, includes the years from to It can be shown as follows In Chapter 1, a critical review on the existing works regarding the relation between the worlds of cinema and literature will be offered. I assume that in spite of limitations, the database research presented in this study may well give an idea on general trends for the production of cinema novels between the years and Such a viewpoint also enables the researchers in the field of Translation Studies to approach the translated literature as a repertoire which takes part in shaping the whole culture repertoire in conjuction with other repertoires.

This may be artishleri to the large number of foreign films imported. However, he highlights that not all of the imported or invented options that are associated with a certain cultural planning activity integrate into artishleri repertoire easily. This is done for showing the influence of cinema on different publishers in the chosen period.

Although the database of the library writes that the poster belongs toI think that it is most probably the re-release screening date and that the novel was published just before or simultaneously with the film screening in Turkey.

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At the time, the number of the people writing for the magazines was too low. Himself 1 episode, – Episode dated 22 May TV episode My survey on the films showed that these are Turkish-production films, which at first made me categorize the novels of these films as indigenous. This distinction is vital because in this way one may deduce that cinema, except for being a subgenre, formed a separate genre within the popular literary repertoire in Turkey.


The Monette book was really well written, which is especially impressive when you consider its complicated pedigree! Chapter 1 has also given place to the researchers from different fields who mention artisteri novels without problematizing them in the repertoire of literature.

The s became the years when the passion for cinema increased. Richard Carleton Having Wonderful Time The chapter will proceed with the investigation of the origins of the films source culturescinema novel series, publishers and translators active in the attistleri process. There are several academic studies that deal with translated popular literature, translated classics, non-literary translated texts and focus on the same period.

From Discourse to Practice: Furthermore, there were songs composed for the film whose lyrics were translated for the Turkish book. The titles of the books to be included in this category bear either the names of popular foreign film characters or the stamp of the popular film genres.

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This thesis, by problematizing the relations between foreign films and novels, aims to reveal that foreign films are influential on translated popular literature. Based on this historical reality, it appears that besides adaptation, the attribute novelization is not capable of explaining the complicated relations.

Despite all, artiatleri open-ended questions not restricted only with the subjects such as subtitling and dubbing can make a researcher view the relationships between films and translation studies from a different standpoint While studying on the subject, Mattson adtistleri certain norms which shape the translation process in the target culture.

On the top of the cinema novels, usually, the names of the director of the film, cast and film stars were provided. At first, works on films carried out within the scope of translation studies will be investigated. The third and last postulate, relationship postulate, adopts the assumption that the source and target texts are interconnected to baayan other and share a definite function ibid: With these case studies, which will be dealt with in Chapter 4, it becomes evident that cinema novels, implying an excessive expansion of the concept of translation and spreading of its meaning over too many paths, open up new research avenues to researchers of translation.


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I contacted some scholars studying on cinema and films. Throughout my research, I found that the rest of the novels in the database were published either in different series or separately; which, too, made it difficult for me to discover the relations between films and novels.

The total production of cinema novels between and rose two or even three fold when compared with other time periods. American Aristocracy uncredited Descriptive translation studies have also influenced the analysis of film texts However, the databases may be seen as the first attempt to list the translated and indigenous cinema novels separately in order to interpret the role of cinema novels in Turkish culture repertoire within the chosen period.

Himself Target Tirpitz All these constitute a virgin area in translation studies waiting to be investigated. Did the films have influence on translation policies, decisions and strategies of translators?

This may well rebound on the novels in the target culture. The works, centering on certain issues, have not attempted to problematize indigenous and translated cinema novels and their roles in the popular literature.

Emphasizing on the heterogeneity and dynamism of a culture repertoire, Even-Zohar points out the correlation of various repertoires in it.

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The rewriters of these novels also used uncertain attributes which may refer both to translations and indigenous writings.

Cinema was a popular form of entertainment in the Turkish cities throughout the period under study.

Adaptation and adaptation studies are the first two things coming to mind when there is a change of medium. Because, as mentioned before, the time periods regarding posters which were accompanied with question marks in the catalogue may well show the re-release times of those films