After Yusei nearly loses, her mark stops glowing, causing her to worry for him. This becomes more apparent after Dueling against Yusei in the Fortune Cup. Regarding Arena, it stands as the end-game feature and poses a great challenge. She plans to take Obelisk the Tormentor back and save her brother from himself, as her Millennium Necklace shows her, and plants a trap in the midst of Kaiba’s arrogance during their duel. She warns Martha and Trudge about this, prompting them to help save the boys. Yami Bakura reveals himself, but seems to be no great duelist. Haluna thanked her, but Akiza insisted that the doctor deserved more thanks.

Initially, Akiza was very insecure and unsure of herself and had a very cold and distant demeanor, a result of spending years being treated as a monster. This page was last edited on 9 February , at Everyone on the team except Yusei also decided to leave the city. The heart of the Cards is now on your mobile device! The card shop has 18 cards which change every hour. However, Yami Bakura decides not to take the risk, since he needs Bakura in good health, because Bakura is the holder of the Millennium Ring and the host for Yami Bakura’s spirit.

Every time new missions are added you can get even bm awesome cards! March 4, [12]. Winning 5 in a row nets youthat is the same as; 31 wins followed immediately by losing after each yuyioh. After struggling for a few turns, Akiza sees through Sherry’s trick and with Crow’s help successfully Summons her ” Black Rose Dragon “, using its effect to destroy the Field Spell. They reunite with Yusei and the others, and Akiza notices that Vizor was not there with them.

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Aug 6, 7: What exactly is he planning? Her friends construct her a Duel Runner, the Bloody Kiss. April 6, [3] [4]. Spend your hard earned kreds on some of these games! And is it possible with the dark hugioh of Bakura’s Millennium Ring determined to keep the Pharaoh from returning? Currently the most difficult stars are located in side-nodes Akiza gained entrance to a Duel Academy. She tried to confess her love for him, but changes her mind.

Boss and his goons attempt to kill the Duelists chaptfr dropping a truck on top of them, but Akiza plays Yusei’s ” Stardust Dragon ” causing it to appear as tugioh real monster and hold up the truck. Sherry watched the whole thing and was impressed. Build a consistent deck, having a deck specialized in certain effects is better in the long run. The Battle City Finals draw to a beginning with triple deception; Marik’s servant, Odion, is assuming his name, Marik acts like a friend to Yugi and co.


Akiza’s next opponent in the Fortune Cup is the Duel Profiler, Commander Kodaa mysterious man who attempts to confuse and manipulate Akiza with tragic insights from her dark past. During the Duel, Seriew reflected on how Yusei had always protected her.

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Views Read Edit View history. The nurse asked how she was so strong and Akiza credited her strength to Yusei telling her to believe in and challenge her potential. In my experience, packs are good — especially when you can duel for a third, and Lucky Monday deals 3 cards for 2dp are worth at least one or two tries.

Thinking that she could save her easily if she could use her powers, she eventually reminds herself of her former view of them and decides to help Haluna on her sefies. You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate. When the gang gets split into three groups due to Z-one ‘s trap, she travels with Crow to the center of the structure. Now more confident and destructive, Akiza doesn’t even flinch, cgapter she takes damage from Misty’s yugoh.

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I recommend this because this helps boost the speed and ease some of the challenges like 5. As the Duel progresses, Chzpter powers go beyond yugiog control. Realizing that Luna was Dueling and that something wasn’t right, she, Yusei, Crowand Jack decide to look for her.

After her exam, she continues practicing with Yusei on her Turbo Dueling. Aug 6, 5: Once they find her, they all notice that she’s Dueling with Leo against someone using a creature similar to the one Yusei Dueled against.

Akiza was intent on rescuing him. However, their search is interrupted by the dancing duelist Johnny Steps and his musical monsters of rock!

Retrieved March 22, Limit my search to this forum. While this psychic power is undefined in the Japanese version, in the dub, Commander Koda states that Akiza possesses telekinesis. Akiza returns to Duel Academy and enrolls into the high school division and becomes the best student in her division overall.


Joey discovers that Espa Roba’s extrasensory perception was a hoax, but he’s not yet yugiho from Espa’s mental manipulations! Thank you very much for your continued support for Yu-Gi-Oh! Later, when the storm is amplified due to a tornado caused by Primo, the intense wind causes the hospital’s windows to break and Haluna gets caught up in it.

Later on, she uses the hybrid Duel Disk attached to her Duel Runnerwhich has the same color scheme as the previous one. Sherry is defeated, however because the cards in the Duel are real her “Soul Binding Gate” crumbles and is about to fall on her.

Incanus87, I uugioh buying 3 of those Jinzo packs and guess what. Take advantage of ad-free gaming, cool profile skins, automatic beta access, and private chat with Kong Plus. July 27, [7].

Two things are of note, the first one you want to know are the challenges, they normally appear some days before they actually go live, so keeping an eye yugiih those challenges may help you prepare in order to be able to complete them. Coming up to her graduation, Akiza was the number one student at Duel Academyso her friends thought that she might join a pro league. Most monsters provide bak points [LP] the more life points you have the more resilient you are to attacksspells do not some exceptions exist that apply more life points after activationbe mindful of yugoh.

However, Yugi’s falling into the same trap that led to Joey’s demise! If there are no easy options. Aug 2, 7: Summoned Skull is good but not incredible and whilst dark magician may look cool, its not particularly special. For Turbo DuelsAkiza instead uses a form fitting motorcycle red suit which shows her cleavage, along with an enclosed helmet, and high-heeled boots.

As a result, Yami Bakura regains control, much to Marik’s shock, which allows Yami Yugi to follow through with his attack and win the duel, once again leaving the good Bakura in a coma.