In doing so, they make a pact not to let the election campaigning affect their friendship, but this gets tested when Logan resorts to various tactics to help Chase win—none of which Chase knows about. Zoey and Logan get their own segment called “He Says, She Says”, and while Chase and Michael enjoy the boost in views, it leads to student disruption during school time, so Dean Rivers cancels their show. Hot Dean A new hot dean fills in for Dean Rivers. Zoey must help save PCA by getting to Redstone Gulch and placing the necklace back where it came from. Meanwhile, Quinn and Logan are feeling weird about their kiss and newfound attraction, and they have to convince everyone, especially Michael, who may have seen them embracing, that they still hate each other. When Lola pledges more money than she can handle, only Zoey can help her.

The boys pull a prank on the girls which makes the girls devise a plan to get even. Since Nicole and Dana are not her friends and Quinn is strange to be around with, Zoey starts hanging out with Chase. The series debuted on January 1, A gorgeous yet bully-ish guy named Logan Reese Matthew Underwood challenges the girls to a basketball match. As this could get her suspended, Zoey talks her out of doing so, and with Dean Rivers’ approval, the girls arrange to bring Otis to PCA so Quinn can spend time with him on campus. Zoey decides to use the platform to start a protest against Dean Rivers’ act of censorship, causing him to eventually back down and allowing Chase and Michael’s webcast to resume. McCurdy has also appeared in a number of television series, including Victorious, Zoey , True Jackson VP, Malcolm in the Middle, and Lincoln Heights, and has also produced, written, and starred in her own online series titled What’s Next for Sarah?. When it doesn’t work they all get their stuff back but at the end Coco still drives Zoey.

Rogers suddenly shows up and is hired. In putting a stop to all this, Zoey, Quinn and Nicole check the bear Logan gave zoy, which has been in the lounge ever since, and discover it has a webcam inside it. Meaty, ZoeyH2O: Life and career The youngest of four children, she grew up in The Yerm, Texas, and started her career doing modeling and commercials in nearby Houston.


The girls lose the basketball game by one point, prompting Logan to tease them. This forces him to allow coffee again.

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Eventually, both groups are caught, and Dean Rivers is extremely unforgiving eppisode relentless to the group. As Zoey feels the need to protect her brother, Dustin tells her that she is babying him too much and he can defend himself. Though not on board at first, Quinn goes ahead and starts building the robot, motivated by the geeks’ arrogance. Michael is worried that Lisa thinks he is a wimp because he is scared to ride roller coasters.

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The first season was doubled to 40 episodes on July 11, Both couples, however, end up sitting right next to each other. After appearing in mostly supporting roles in a number of s and s films and TV shows, Schneider devoted himself to behind-the-scenes work eisode production.

Zoey shows back up at PCA with huge news!

Is there a potential love match between Coco and the new dean? Zoey starts dating Dean Rivers’s son.

Meanwhile, Dustin takes care of Elvis—Michael, Chase, and Logan’s dog—while the other boys are busy, even though he is terribly afraid of animals. Zoey episdoe goes to go talk to Chase and ends up walking in on Chase and his new girlfriend, Rebecca Daniella Monet kissing.

Later, Zoey, Logan and the rest apologize to Quinn for making fun of her. It is centered around Gil and Kelly Jo Bates and their 19 children. Their arguing ends up on video as Quinn, who is shooting their commercial, has trouble turning off the camera; eplsode unexpected footage proves valuable when Zoey does the editing. The girls talk to Dean Rivers so he epiisode expel Vince. Zoey – through some seemingly technological glitch – is paired up with two boys.

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As punishment, he decides that PCA will revert to an all-boys school after the current semester. Her career began at the age of seven with several television commercial appearances. Meanwhile, Lola and Quinn are trying to get Dustin’s arm out of a vending machine. Meanwhile, Quinn accidentally blows Mark’s eyebrows off in an experiment gone awry, and she creates a stimulant that accelerates hair growth.


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When Drake Bell arrives, his manager sees they do not have enough for the gig and consequently calls the performance off. Minda Adolfo Alix Jr.

However, all the boys Zoey is put against forfeit because they don’t want to wrestle a girl. When the commercials are presented to the class, Zoey’s team comes out the winner.

He seems to be afraid of rollercoasters. Hoping to cure Dustin Paul Butcher of his illness, Quinn thinks applying a forceful suction to his tongue is the way to 011. Edit Zoeey Quinn accidentally develops a new germ while making a chemical to keep a girl away from Mark. Since then, they have had 9 boys and 10 girls, all of whom were born between the years and Archived from the original on October 24, This results in Quinn moving in with Zoey and Lola after a room-assigning mishap with Coco and online bra-ordering.

All is not lost, however, when they decide to have their own beach party, starting their own tradition. Quinn develops a crush on Mark Del Figgalo, but she is too afraid to ask him out. His plan backfires when the girls decide to take him a bit too literally. Michael is worried that Lisa thinks he is a wimp because he is scared to ride roller coasters. But things take a turn when their chaperone, Coco, cancels. Dateless for the prom, Zoey stubbornly refuses to attend despite the efforts of her friends to cheer her up.